Europe Can Do It: Tribal Messiahship Workshop

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The first European We Can Do It Workshop was held from January 27-29 in Camberg, Germany. There were over 100 people in attendance representing 16 countries, many of whom had amazing testimonies of their own work as Tribal Messiahs and were able to share their best practices during the workshop.

The FFWPU Europe National Leadership Team invited FFWPU USA’s Evangelism Director, Demian Dunkley, and the North American Witnessing and Education team to present the workshop after hearing testimonies from communities around the USA and Canada that had held the workshop previously. The German national and European continental leadership created an inviting and professional environment for all participants and the American team. Everyone felt right at home and very well cared for in the beautiful, newly renovated Neumühle workshop center.

A special one-day workshop for leaders on the 27th focused on rethinking the structure of our communities, so that they are centered around Tribal Messiahship. This was followed by a two-day Tribal Messiahship workshop for both leaders and European Unificationists. Participants of all ages experienced what many referred to as a “paradigm shift” in their way of thinking and walked away with a new feeling of freedom and opportunity to accomplish Tribal Messiahship.

Hildegard Piepenburg from the European Family Federation headquarters said, “This first European We Can Do It Workshop was a totally new experience for me: very inspiring, demanding, and thought-provoking, generating a feeling of hope, a deeper motivation and a drive for action.”

The weekend started on Friday with leaders exploring True Parents’ vision for Tribal Messiahship as well as a survey review of the current reality of our movement. This was followed by many exercises around building a tribe culture in our communities. The day was interspersed with a great deal of laughter, discussion, and determination. Participants shared many of the things that inspired them to join the movement and testified to the fulfilling work they have been doing as Tribal Messiahs ever since.

Approximately 50 additional participants arrived on Saturday for the Tribe workshop. Throughout the weekend, participants had a very interactive experience filled with reflection and discussion. Demian Dunkley gave several thought-provoking presentations and challenged participants to think differently. Much of the content was driven by Demian’s and others’ experiences with Tribal Messiahship over the past several years. Many participants wrote in their reflections that they appreciated the fresh and practical approach as well as the encouragement to make it a part of daily life.

“My prayers have been answered through this workshop. I feel more power and confidence to follow a practical and clear plan in my Tribal Messiahship.”

The workshop concluded with testimonies and an excitement from the participants to take the Tribal Messiahship message back to their own homes and communities and start taking action.

“I now really want to speak to my wife and son about participating in a Tribal Messiahship trinity and to create a list of families we can approach.”

The workshop had the added blessing of falling on the weekend of Heavenly Parent’s Day. Everyone felt a deep appreciation to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the opportunity to come together and work toward creating Cheon Il Guk (God’s Kingdom) through Tribal Messiahship.

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