Outreach in Las Vegas Renews Spirit for Outreach at Home


Rev. Elma King of Kissimmee, Florida has received a lot of spiritual inspiration as she continues to share the teachings of True Parents. Recently, Rev. King traveled to Las Vegas to support outreach efforts there, and then began a month-long devotion of fasting and prayer upon returning home to Kissimmee.

Participating in outreach in Las Vegas was a joy for Rev. King. While passing out flyers at a local mall, Rev. King also wore a shirt that she used as an additional “tool” to share True Parents’ message with the people she met. The front of the shirt sports a quote reading, “Our True Parents: The Bridegroom has come,” as a way to connect with Christians waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ. The back of the shirt features a picture of True Parents, and says: “Rev. Sun Myung Moon – Rev. Hak Ja Han Moon,” followed by a passage from the Bible, “Look there is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. – John 1:29.”


“We received all kinds of looks,” she said, “laughing, smiling, frowning. If looks could kill, I would be dead to some people. Some asked are you sure? Some said it’s about time. Some said they knew already. Still others just looked and quickly turned away. Three ladies even said congratulations.”

On her way home, Rev. King knew could feel True Parents’ presence with her, which inspired her to write a song.

“Warm tears fell as I wrote down the words,” she said. “The song sings about True Parents’ suffering course. The last verse says to us, “Don’t pave a new road where there has never been, our returning trip will have a painful end.”

After Rev. King returned home, she and her husband immediately prepared for the fifth Monthly International Prayer and Fasting Condition, a global devotion undertaken to support outreach and Tribal Messiahship efforts around the world. According to Rev. King, the spirit she received while doing outreach in Las Vegas has still not left her.


“We continue to pray for our True Mother, and the leaders of today,” she said. “We believe that when God is moved to make promises, He acts on them. America, despite all of its wealth, is starving for spiritual food. We have invested much in handing out articles of True Parents’ teachings to educate the American people. This month, we have put out 303 new seeds, and more that we are unable to count.”


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