We Can Do It Check-In

The We Can Do It workshop is not just a weekend workshop: it’s a three-month commitment to begin tribal messiahship work with the support of trinities. Months after some of these workshops, we reached out to those who had attended the We Can Do It workshop, and here’s what they said:


Bay Area

Wayne Hankins

After spending time in my new trinity, working with two members that I have little experience with certainly made me feel closer and more appreciative of them and their talents.

I learned in these six months that any effort sincerely made is an effort not wasted.

Since the We Can Do It workshop, there is an increased closeness in our community and therefore a stronger foundation for future efforts made together.

We held a “Get to Know Your Neighbor” event on August 23 that brought about 20 people. This required knocking on doors about a hundred twenty times. I felt a warm feeling of satisfaction while doing this. I’m happy to have met the people who want to make our community more than just a collection of individual homes.

In the next three weeks, we will follow up with my neighbors and work closer with the Homeowner’s Association Management Company to put in place good suggestions, and even plan a Thanksgiving  event.

The only limitations are in the head and in the heart that has given up on believing that the great ideals our True Father spent a lifetime pursuing actually can come to pass. There is no substitute for DOING.

Bay Area

Gloria Goldstein

Since the We Can Do It workshop, we had a small community event with about 10 guests. Brothers and sisters from other tribes helped bring food and a few guests.

I’ve learned that when we reach out to new people and they respond, you start to feel like a parent and you feel you must grow.

While we started forming our tribe, our son, who hasn’t spoken to us for six years, wrote to his father that he wanted us to be a family. Since then, we have been meeting periodically.

Our tribe has been doing door-to-door witnessing since our workshop. One young lady who we met in our door-to-door effort and who is very talented in singing is coming regularly to music rehearsal and has performed at a Community of Faith Breakfast. My prayer is that she can want to study the Divine Principle. She loves our members.

We  are ever grateful to Demian Dunkley for giving us a shot in the arm.


Ohio Can Do It

Marquis Van De Mark

Our Tribal Messiah trinity, which was formed at the Ohio Can Do It workshop, had its first event over the Labor Day weekend. We decided to have a potluck cookout with guests bringing foods from their cultural ancestry. We also had the inspiration to rent a pony for all of the children. We had a total of 49 people attend and about 2/3 were Unificationists and 1/3 were guests. The event was very successful.

As we were working to plan the event, we learned the power of working as a trinity. As an individual or a couple it’s not so easy, but as a group of three couples, we could unify and succeed beyond our own individual strengths. Our trinity is made up of Japanese, American, Korean and French people, so we can practice world peace in our own trinity.

We have plans to do a monthly campfire meeting now that the seasons have changed. We plan on inviting guests and asking discussion questions like, “how can we build a peaceful world?” or “would you like to join our tribe, whose purpose is to build a peaceful world through ideal marriages?”

If you’d like to learn more about or plug into our grassroots We Can Do It initiative for Tribal Messiahship, visit our “About” page here.

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