Clifton Can Do It!

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By invitation of District Pastor Manoj Jacob, the Clifton Family Church in New Jersey held the fifth We Can Do It Tribal Messiahship Workshop on the weekend of July 16-17, 2016. Demian Dunkley, National Director of Evangelism, facilitated the two-day program, which is designed to help participants explore, understand and set real goals for Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.

“True Mother is repeatedly asking us to work together,” Demian explained. “For example, if we are a community of 100 families, how can we think about making 100 tribes before we ourselves can live and act as one tribe? True Mother has suggested we grow this community to 430 first, and do it by working together.”

The key word in the We Can Do It workshop is “We.” It is designed to inspire the individual, give new meaning for the family, and unite the community towards common goals that are both relevant and inspiring.

Demian encouraged the participants to think of themselves as Americans. “Americans are amazing, and America is God’s hope! It doesn’t matter where you come from, or even what passport you hold. We don’t refer to the European Pilgrims do we? Even though they were European, we consider them as the first Americans: the ones called by God to build a great nation for God, just like we were!

“So, if you live in America, you are American, and together we are unstoppable. If there is a common goal that we believe in, we will totally work towards that goal, not just out of duty, not just because we have to but because we really believe in it, and see our unique value needed to achieve it. We can’t settle for less.”

In order to anchor the entire workshop experience in our relationship with True Parents, the 43 participants were asked to look to their own personal conversion experiences first, and rediscover why they joined this movement. Then they were asked to look to their strengths and passions, to envision what path to take in their Tribal Messiahship.

“When I look at us, I see incredible brothers and sisters who were trained by the Messiah, and are uniquely designed to do something special for God and for the world,” continued Demian. “We don’t have to limit ourselves. How can we put a limit on what God wants to do through us? If there is a true desire, then there is a responsibility to attain it for God and True Parents.”

After discussing the reality of the situations in our neighborhoods, and reflecting on how we can apply our talents to build Cheon Il Guk in our local communities, the participants were led to set tangible goals for themselves as individuals, families, and as one Clifton tribe. Together, these 43 participants in Clifton committed to blessing more than 300 couples in one year. “Pastor Manoj,” said Demian before the workshop participants, “if this team of yours achieves just 30% of this goal, you will be the first community in America to reach the 430 family goal, of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. Don’t you think God and True Parents will be moved by that? Together, we can do it!”

Below are some reflections from participants:

“It is truly a revival program for us to inherit the mission that True Parents have given to us. It was very good to go through these steps together. I believe every community in America should conduct this workshop.”

–Manoj Jacob

“Thank you, Heavenly Parent, for your wonderful workshop. This workshop helps us to fulfill our roles as Tribal Messiahs. It’s clear now that we can do it through these practical guidelines. As part of True Parents’ family, I realize how important our role is in expanding the providence and restoring people in this elder son nation of America. Thank you. We will do our best in witnessing to God’s children, and offer it to God and True Parents.”

–Amilyn Tapiador

“I’d like to really express deep appreciation for this workshop.  Mr. Demian Dunkley’s investment in this important Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop was very successful. This Tribal Messiahship workshop also had a very good timing for a new beginning. After receiving the Holy Items from True Mother, we have only three years and a half before 2020. True Mother is very serious about our accomplishing our portion of responsibility: the Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission and to expand Cheon Il Guk substantially. We need these kinds of clear, practical, systematic manuals to accomplish Heavenly Tribal Messiahship.

“Mr. Demian Dunkley’s presentation–the content and the homework helped me return to when I was originally called by God and joined the Unification movement, and I really felt how wonderful True Parents’ training for us is! By his content, we can easily have ownership over our Tribal Messiahship efforts and make True Mother’s heart happy. This is not only a spiritual benefit. We can gain tools and basic techniques to accomplish Heavenly Parent’s dream so it comes true–True Parents’ dream to realize that in our life. I strongly hope that all blessed central families will attend this seminar and look at ourselves, making sure of our origin and identifying what we can do in our own lives. The New Jersey area still has some challenges, but when we return to our origin by taking God’s point of view, we’ll solve every problem.”

–Hiroshi Inose

“I was skeptical before I attended the workshop, especially what I had heard about this new strategy of Tribal Messiahship, but now I’m a firm believer in the power of Ttribal Messiahship! I did not want to come today. I came to support my trinity, and I thought about leaving early, but now I’m excited to continue with the rest of the day! I thought it was going to be too big of a vision, not something that I could relate to or something I could care about. However, now I feel like this vision is a very natural way to grow our community and influence the world in a positive way but not out of obligation, but because we want to help others. We want to save the world and we have the tools to do it.”

–Hana Mansur

“I enjoyed this style of workshop–it was very interactive as opposed to listening passively to long presentations. I definitely like the direction this is going–to find our own ways to integrate our individual passions, talents, etc., with the work of Tribal Messiahship. It’s made me think more seriously about the possibility of trying to accomplish something that has been receding more and more into the back of my mind, namely to make a documentary film that could have some kind of impact and could be somehow connected to Tribal Messiahship work and goals. It was a nicely run workshop.”

–Peter Lewis

“I really liked that this workshop started with finding your own passion and helping me re-realize my own value as God’s son and a tribal messiah. Hearing encouraging words and knowing my own value brought me up to a more positive mindset, and I felt more energy. This energy also translated into confidence and hope in seeing myself going out into the world and spreading the news that True Parents are here. This workshop also gave me another concept of witnessing. Witnessing is not really about approaching strangers and preaching the Divine Principle but loving the people around me. I heard from True Mother many times that as Unificationists we need to fulfill our responsibility. But I didn’t catch the message of working together.

“While my table was together and sharing everyone’s three month plans, I could feel a lot of energy bouncing off of each other. What I was most happy about was seeing my parents working together and sharing ideas on what we all believe in. Of course, both my parents are very faithful, but with both of their busy schedules it was a rare and precious experience for me to see them come together. I believe Tribal Messiahship can bring this world together, but also my family as well.”

–Yasutaka Ozawa

“Great topic and program. It helped me to understand the concept of Tribal Messiahship. How to do it and organize it. And the workshop encouraged me to contribute in my unique way. I believe True Mother is asking for real results—it’s not just about the numbers but about our way of life. I think I need to answer her truly. Breakthrough, We Can Do It!”

–Ryan Abenir

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