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Sharing the Blessing

True Parents are offering the world the opportunity to receive the Blessing through Tribal Messiahs.

What Is Tribal Messiahship?

Tribal Messiahship is our blessing and inheritance from True Parents. It’s a process of being there for others, listening, embracing, giving, reconciling, creating harmony, and through it all, sharing the Word and the Blessing. In other words, it’s about loving people!

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What Participants Are Saying

  • You really illuminated our path, giving us simple steps how to bring people back to God. All of us are members of one family under God, so we need to start loving each other as brothers and sisters.

    -Felisberto, Sampler – Miami

  • I’m really so inspired that we can work together to make one tribe. That was so inspiring, not just my tribe and her tribe and her tribe—but it’s our tribe, the Chicago tribe. That’s most important for me. Because we are all working towards one common goal, and we are not raising our own spiritual children, but God’s children.

    -Jasmine, WCDI Workshop – Chicago

  • This workshop provided a missing link, a maternal type of investment that is designed to bring out and remind us of what is already inside of us and induce us to take the steps ourselves.

    -Mary, WCDI Workshop – Honolulu