Pastors & Tribal Messiahs


The catch here is, our movement is a tribe!
It was difficult to transition from full-time center life, to family life. When we lived in the center the mission was clear. We were applying the Principle of foundation of faith and substance constantly. When we moved back home however, this type of focus dwindled. The ‘church’ has been seen to be responsible for the organization of the movement and responding to True Father’s direction, and Tribal Messiahship has been seen to be the responsibility of the family alone. Some formed trinity partnerships, and some brought some success; we talk a fair amount about it, but we haven’t seen our movement grow through Tribal Messiahship. It hasn’t been an organizational focus and the relationship between the pastors and members has not been fully clarified in relationship to Tribal Messiahship. This has limited the success that would occur if we apply the Principle and work together.


It is every member’s core destiny to fulfill Tribal Messiahship. So, if role of the pastor is to support the members, then the primary function of the pastor is to support families to be successful in Tribal Messiahship. That sets up a proper relationship between pastor and members: the success of the Tribal Messiah is the primary focus of the relationship. That is to say, the lives of the member’s spiritual children are the primary focus of the pastor-member relationship. What would happen to our culture if ‘intentionally loving’ our spiritual children was the basis of the partnership between pastor and member, and the focus of our ministry?