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 How do we Do It?

Does Tribal Messiahship seem unattainable? Are you still wondering what it actually is, or how to do it? Are you interested in knowing what resources and support is available? Are there other questions, concepts or obstacles slowing you down? You will be amazed how much we can shift this paradigm in just two days!

Australian Seminar August 5-7

This We Can Do It seminar will be separated into two different retreats:                       

  1. The Family Retreat

    The Family Retreat is a 2-day experience (Saturday and Sunday) for anyone over the age of 18, especially if you’re Blessed. You’ll delve deep into what it actually means to be a Tribal Messiah and what that looks like practically. You will be challenged to look at your life from God’s perspective and see how you can align what you are currently passionate about with True Parents’ vision. You’ll discover the possibilities of working together in a trinity. You’ll have the opportunity to leave with tangible action-steps that you, your family and even your trinity will be excited about and happy to work on together. 

  2. The Leaders Retreat

    The Leaders Retreat is a 3-day experience. It includes the Family workshop and goes for an extra day (Monday). If you are in a leadership position like a Pastor, Witnessing and Education coordinator, Community Leader or similar, this is the workshop for you. You’ll be given the opportunity to fully digest what you gained from your first two days and form actionable plans for making Tribal Messiahship an integral part of your community. You’ll receive guidance for effective leadership and community building as well as an understanding of how to bring the We Can Do It message back and present it in your members. 


Melbourne Church
42-46 Bartley Rd, Belgrave Height
Victoria, Australia


1) Family Retreat

– Saturday, August 5: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM                                
– Sunday, August 6: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Note: If you are planning to lodge at the workshop site, you should arrive on Friday night.

2) Leaders Retreat

– Family Retreat plus:
– Monday, August 7: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM


The workshop fee covers the cost of all your meals, the meeting space and your room if you are lodging. You also need to purchase a Tribe Kit.
You are asked to bring the workshop fees and Tribe Kit fees with you and pay when you arrive. 


Tribe Kit

Everyone is asked to purchase a Tribe Kit online before the workshop when you register with the form linked below. 

Full Tribe Kit: $75 US (It’s recommended that each family have at least one full kit) 

Tribe Kit Light: $25 US (These contain the basic materials for the workshop) 

This is a recently updated kit with materials that you’ll be using throughout the workshop and after. Here’s what you get:

Full Tribe Kit ($75 US)

– Special purse-sized HDH book (Selected readings from the Holy Texts)
– Tribe Handbook (used in the workshop)
– Three Month Planner
– Flash drive full of resources
– Blessing education resources
– Divine Principle PowerPoint presentation
– Access to online tools which will be constantly updated
– Follow-up support for the community
– Your very own Tribe Pen!

Tribe Kit Light ($25 US) 

– Tribe Handbook (used in the workshop)
– Three Month Planner


– Yourself
– Your Spouse
– A notebook
– A positive mindset
– Some toiletries, a pillow and a blanket (if your sleeping over)


Rick McInerheney:


On the We Can Do It tab above you’ll see a drop down list of communities have had the We Can Do It experience. Also, you can check out these latest articles here: Europe Can Do It and Bridgeport Can Do It 

Now you are ready!

Please a few moments to complete this important homework (don’t worry, it’s easy). This will only take you a little while, but it’s important you go through it before the workshop. It involves watching a few videos and writing some things down on paper. If you can do it with your family, even better!