Blessing Ceremony Basics

Blessing Ceremony Made Simple

Holy Wine Ceremony

  1. Read Father’s words and significance of Holy Wine Ceremony
  2. Holy Wine
    1. Opening Prayer
    2. Participants bow to Officiators
    3. Attendant offers Holy Wine to Officiator Wife, she gives to Officiator Husband.
    4. Officiator Husband gives wine to (representative) bride. Brides bow as they receive with two hands. (attendants can give wine to other brides.)
    5. Brides drink half the wine, then give to husband. Husband bows as he receives with two hands, then drinks remaining wine. Returns empty cup to bride while bowing. Bride bows as she receives empty cup, then gives cup to Officator Husband (or attendant) with a bow.
    6. Officiator Husband gives empty cup back to Officator Wife.


  1. Sanctification Prayer
    1. Place hands in proper position (refer to images below)

Key point to include: “God Please accept this couple (these couples) standing in the position of Adam and Eve before the fall”

Holy Water Ceremony

Officiators Sprinkle Holy Water over couples

Blessing Vows

  1. Couples respond “Yes” to the vows announced by Officators.
  2. Vow Options:


One Vow

  1. As families who must realize the Heavenly Parent’s ideal of creation, do you promise to become eternal couples who will inherit the tradition established by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and to perfect ideal families who will strive to realize Cheon Il Guk?


Four Vows

  1. Do you, as a mature man and woman who are to consummate the ideal of creation of God, pledge in front of God and True Parents to become an eternal husband and wife?
  2. Do you pledge to become true parents, raise your children to live up to the will of God, and educate them to become responsible leaders in front of the entire Unification Family, all humankind, and Almighty God?
  3. Do you pledge that, centered upon True Parents, you will inherit the tradition of living for the sake of others, and pass this proud tradition down to future generations and to humankind?

Do you pledge that, centering upon the ideal of creation, you will inherit the will of God and True Parents, love the people of the world as God and True Parents do, and ultimately consummate an ideal family which is the building block of the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven?

Benediction (Blessing Prayer)

Officators with outstretched arms pray. Key points:

  1. We are offering these couples to God
  2. We are changing the blood lineage from satan to God’s family
  3. Heavenly Parent, please accept and embrace them.


Officators read proclamation: “ I hereby declare, on this ______(today’s full date)____, before God, True Parents, and Heaven and Earth, that the families who are attending this Marriage Blessing Ceremony, sponsored by the Family Federation of World Peace and Unification, over which we, ____(Officiators’ Couple Name) are presiding, have now received the Blessing.”

Chastening Ceremony

  1. Explain basic meaning of the Ceremony: “Through this ceremony, we are restoring the misuse of the physical relationships between men and women.”
  2. Couples bow to True Parents (or Officators).
  3. Give sticks to bridegrooms
  4. Bridegrooms strike buttocks first, three times, then hand the stick to the bride and she does the same.
  5. Couple bows to each other.

40 Days

Couples can start 40-Day separation from the following day after the Chastening Ceremony. Read Father’s words and significance of the 40-Day Separation.


Couples must time their 3-Day Ceremony so as not to conceive, they may need to wait a few extra days before starting this ceremony. Please read instructions on how to conduct the 3-Day Ceremony.