Blessing Kentucky

This article began as a report to True Mother given through Rev. Kim Ki-hoon, chairman of the North American RegionalGroup, in late September. By Joe and Sun Willett   Two years ago True Mother strongly talked about the state level blessing. October 5th 2017, Sun was thinking and planning how to do this state level […]

What seemed like an impossible task has now become reality for Matthew and Marianne Goldberg of Crofton, Maryland, as they reached their Heavenly Tribal Messiah goal of giving the Marriage Blessing to 430 couples. Support from the Maryland community played a major role in the Goldbergs’ accomplishment. “Our faith community formed a mutual support group […]

Dennis and Mayuri Hoffman of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, greeted everyone they met during their journey to 430 Blessings with a big smile. “We think smiling is very important to approach. They can open their heart with our smile,” Mayuri said. Whether they were in a church, going door to door, or meeting people at […]

A Testimony of HTM Victory in Iowa

When Michiko Menning heard the number 430, she was stunned and dismissed the goal right away. However, as the Tribal Messiahship providence began building and getting more serious, Michiko decided it was something she was going to tackle. “If I don’t do 430 now, when I go to spirit world, what am I going to […]

  Elma and Jeddie King, Co-Pastors at the King’s Home Church in Kissimmee, FL, along with their community, have completed a 40-day prayer commitment including a daily reading of True Mother’s words. Mrs. King reported, “We need to go out into the world so that True Parents can transform this world through you…Many people are […]

Dr. Theodore Shimmyo and his wife, Sumie, of Irvington, New York, reached their Tribal Messiahship goal of blessing 430 couples on August 12, 2018. They have been living with their daughter’s family in a three-generation home since their eldest grandson, Masaki, was born fourteen years ago. Along with their Tribal Messiahship activities, they care for […]

Before the Borneman family even began to go out and give the Marriage Blessing, they started doing conditions. Fasting, bowing, doing Hoon Dok Hwe and reading True Father’s “God’s Hope for America” speech were all part of the foundation they laid to build their tribe. Ken and Sang Moo Borneman live in Las Vegas. Ken […]

Michael and Kikuno Allen of the San Francisco Bay Area in California completed their. Tribal Messiahship goal of giving the Marriage Blessing to 430 couples in May 2018. Since then they have been educating other Unificationist families to help them start tribes of their own. Beginning by standing in front of grocery stores, the Allens […]

Our Large Family

Stephen and Hisae Child of Reno, Nevada felt called to build their tribe by fulfilling the blessing of 430 couples once they could deeply feel True Mother’s heart for each and every Unificationist couple. “Dr. Ki Hoon Kim (Regional Chairman, Family Federation North America) told us that True Mother had asked him not to let […]

A Cool Way to Spend Your Evening

For Tyler and Hyeyong Hendricks, after committing to the direction True Parents gave to complete Tribal Messiahship, it was a process of finding the best method. Because of Hyeyong’s health, Tyler completed several Blessings on his own. “She went only a few times, but her spirit was always with me, and her encouragement and confident […]