December in Las Vegas proved to be an uplifting month for CARP Las Vegas members, Las Vegas Family Church and their guests as CARP members answered True Mother’s call for a stronger outreach program. During her visit to Las Vegas in March 2014, True Mother shared her vision for creating a new set of outreach […]

Local churches and ministries are harnessing the power of technology to connect with both members and guests in this age of the Internet. True Mother has expressed on numerous occasions her commitment to growing the membership of the church and her support for outreach efforts. While traditional methods of witnessing have never ceased, there has […]

New Outreach Tools

The above picture is the screenshot of webpage. The new tools are available through the website. Stirring up excitement and anticipation, we featured new outreach tools in last week’s Weekly Update video. They are now available on Choose from a selection of eye-catching postcards, business cards, and bookmarks. Spark new friends’ curiosities with […]

A Message on Tribal Messiahship

In early November, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU North America) visited the Las Vegas Family Church and Los Angeles Family Church where he shared a few words of wisdom with the gathered congregations. He spoke about True Mother’s instruction on Tribal Messiahship and its […]

The DPLife website can be a simple tap away with a shortcut on your iPhone or iPad. These videos demonstrate how to get a link directly on your device alongside all your other cool apps. Follow the steps and an easy-to-find icon of the DPLife logo will appear on your home screen. iPad iPhone Step-by-Step […]