Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Standards

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Standards

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Following are the primary categories of Blessings recognized by FFWPU USA as counting toward the completion of each Tribal Messiah’s 430 goal. Supplementary categories are described later. There are 2 Tribal Messiah accomplishment levels, the first is the level of “Accomplisher” the next is the level of “Victor” – standards for each are as follows.

Tribal Messiah “Accomplisher” Level

To be considered a Tribal Messiah Accomplisher, you will need to Bless as least 430 married couples. Ideally, you should take them through at least the first 3 steps of the Blessing, Holy Wine, Benediction, and Chastening Ceremony (Details of each can be found elsewhere). You must also be a Blessed couple yourself and need to be certified Blessing Officiators, or at least work with a couple who are Blessing Officiators.

Below are details of the types of Blessings that count toward Tribal Messiah “Accomplisher” level.

  1. Blessings conducted directly by you, the Tribal Messiah
    1. Your Blessings should at least be through the first 3 steps, but we are currently counting those “in process” as well. The 3 steps are:
      • Holy Wine
      • Benediction
      • Chastening ceremony
        (For more information about the Blessing Steps, please refer to the Officiators Guide)
    2. Your Blessings need to follow official guidelines
      • Husband and wife of candidate should be present
      • Widowed spouses count as a Blessed couple
      • Single Blessings and purity pledges do not count towards 430
      • Couples Blessed must be married and must be man and woman
    3. You need to keep a name list of all new couples you Bless
         (This spreadsheet can help you keep track of your Blessing details)
    4. You need to have a way to contact all your Blessed couples
    5. You need to submit your name list to National HQ upon request
  2. You need to be actively pursuing the liberation and Blessing of your ancestors in the Cheongpyeong providence.
  3. Blessings of your physical and spiritual children count toward your 430 (see next paragraph for more detail)

You can count Blessings conducted by your spiritual and/or physical children toward your 430 the same way you would count Blessing conducted directly by you. The Blessings still need to match the standards above.

It is also recommended by USA National HQ that your couple continue to give the Blessing even if your spiritual or physical children have already Blessed 430, since Tribal Messiahship is an ongoing journey and you ultimately want to grow to the level of Tribal Messiah “Victor.” Read below for standards of recognition as a Tribal Messiah “Victor.”

For recognition as Tribal Messiah “Victor”

As a Tribal Messiah “Accomplisher,” your next goal is to become a Tribal Messiah “Victor,” which includes the following criteria:

  1. Have at least 43 couples who gone through all steps of the Blessing, including:
    1. Holy Wine
    2. Benediction
    3. Chastening ceremony
    4. 40-Day separation
    5. 3-Day ceremony
    6. Blessing donation
       (Blessing Donations can be made on the Blessing America website here)

  2. These 43 couples will also need to sign a membership form and meet international standards of membership in the Unification Movement as follows:
    1. Attend a worship service at least twice per year
    2. Donate at least twice per year
  3. Finally, as a Tribal Messiah “Victor” your couple must Liberate and Bless all levels of ancestors possible for you at the current time

Additional Methods for counting Blessings toward your 430

  1. You can also count Blessings conducted during the 1990’s campaigns as follows:
    1. Up to 185 Blessings from the 1990’s campaigns can be counted
      (185 was the highest number Blessing campaign in the 1990’s)
    2. You’ll need to submit a record of where the Blessings took place and ideally a name list
    3. You’ll also need to submit the name of a witness or a copy of your certificate of completion to verify the Blessings took place
  2. You can count some overseas Blessings.
    1. It would be best for National Restoration if all of your Blessings could take place in the United states and be conducted directly by your couple. However, based on the following criteria, you can include overseas Blessings.
    2. You may count up to 50% (215) of your 430 Blessings from the native country of you or your spouse, if outside of the United States. For example, if husband is from Japan and wife is from Philippines. 

A secondary grace of overseas Blessings is up to 30% (129) of your 430 Blessings that were sponsored by you (i.e. financially) but conducted by another Tribal Messiah in another country (such as Africa). However, this is not a recommended course of action and you must have permission from your Sub-regional Director. You must have a full name list of all the people that were Blessed. 


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