Helpful Articles

Here are some articles that may help to answer some common questions that come up. 

DP education’
How to keep my kids pure, after signing the purity pledge, how to educate them? 1
How do I deepen my relationship with God?
How do I deepen my relationship with God?
How does the Blessing help impact the world situation?’
People aren’t married – why should they get married / Blessed?  
In other words, people easily co-habitate, how to move them towards marriage if they aren’t committed?  
What does this Blessing mean exactly?
Conflict resolution.
How can we engage couples we’ve blessed in the value of what they have done and keep the joy/inspiration alive. They do not necessarily want to join UC. but they want to make a vibrant relationship with God. 1
Do we have purity education for non unificationists?  
We have an amazing presentation about the importance of sexual purity for non Unificationists.