Tribal Messiahship in Practice

Personal Sphere of Influence

Where will we find new family members?
In Asia they say, that to accidentally bump shoulders with someone on the street takes 2000 years of preparation. If this is true, then how many thousands of years does it take to actually know someone? If you consider it from God’s viewpoint, are all the people in your life just there randomly? How long has God been working to set up those relationships? Seen from God’s viewpoint, are these not your spiritual children?

Doing Tribal Messiahship

Start simple. Claim the tribe.

Every member is in the position to be able to fulfill Tribal Messiahship, but left to ourselves it is difficult to formalize and remain determined in our Tribal Messiahship efforts. True Mother is reminding us that our tribe will not come together without our continued investment, but for many the goal seems daunting, so where do we start?

Let’s start simple. Take the time to consciously recognize the people God has already brought into your life. Make your list, put those names in a binder, claim them as your tribe and start with simply loving them more intentionally. Substantiating the tribe can take time, through a process of loving, guiding, reporting and allowing God to work.

Let us suggest, that in the USA, each family is invited to officially commence or re-dedicate to our Tribal Messiahship by following these three simple steps:

1. Condition. To be set. If possible to include the family (Possibly a HDH type condition.)

2. Recognize & Claim. Make a list of your family’s sphere of influence. (Most couples know on average 150 people. You can also include your children’s friends.) Collect all the names in a binder or notebook

3. Offer. Report your name list to your local pastor Then, commit to invest in our tribe by repeating these two steps.

4. Invest Love Intentionally. Make a determination to love the people God has sent you by making a condition to love someone in your tribe everyday. As a minimum, you can try once a day, but three or more is easily doable.

5. Continually Offer. Report your efforts weekly to your local pastor

NB: More involved practice of teaching DP and witnessing to new people can happen a little later. More on that in the following sections.

Proclaiming Tribal Messiahship is the Foundation for Outreach

By taking the time to recognize and love the one’s already in our lives, we stand on a stronger and more genuine foundation to reach out to new people. If we conduct outreach activities as a member of the larger FFWPU organization, we may bypass the power of our own foundation. By declaring our intention to build a tribe, we are actually inviting people to become a part of our tribal foundation, as opposed to a part of a larger organization where ‘someone else’ will take care of them. Also, it focuses our mind on how to explain what we are actually doing when we do meet new people.