Tribal Messiahship is Possible!

We all know that we are called to fulfill Tribal Messiahship, but for many of us it may feel like we can’t do it. There are many reasons why we may feel this way, and that’s why True Mother is asking us to do it together.
The purpose of the We Can Do It workshop is to explore, understand and set meaningful goals for our Tribal Messiahship in a way that helps us work together. It is a weekend workshop aimed at supporting and empowering local tribal messiahs to:
  • Create a renewed vision for our community culture and direction
  • Form or strengthen our trinities
  • Review the resources available for tribal messiahs
  • Set some inspiring goals together
  • Set it all in motion with some action

It's a Fun Commitment

When you sign up for the We Can Do It workshop, you will be asked to commit at least three months to follow the goals you set for yourself. You will be given tools that will help you through the workshop as well as your three month activity plan.

In order to increase the amount of support the families have we are inviting you to join or create a trinity. Working in smaller teams of three families can help us to support each other and stay accountable, and then by working together strategically with the community we can have an even greater impact.

It's So Much Easier Together

The Tribe Kit

We are rolling out new practical resources in the new Tribe Kit. This includes selected readings from the Holy Scriptures about tribal messiahship, a tribe handbook, an activity planner and other useful tools to help you expand your tribe.

We hope to host as many of the We Can Do It workshops around the nation as possible, and we’re going to be rolling out the resources that the program provides online for those who can’t attend in person. We are also going to be sharing the stories of God working in our trinities and tribes along the way.

To maximize productivity during the seminar, participants were asked to prepare ahead of time by reflecting on some key questions, previewing some of the resources found on and by completing a short community assessment survey.

We Can Do It Workshop