Purpose & Conditions

FFWPU Mission Statement

Guide America back to God through the teachings and Marriage Blessing of True Parents.

Purpose of Tribal Messiahship

To inherit and expand the victorious foundation of True Parents, by loving, teaching and blessing those in our family’s sphere of influence.

Fulfillment of Tribal Messiahship

As with our own personal commitment to growth as a FFWPU member, Tribal Messiahship is also a process, starting with a proclamation to God, True Parents and our family. In this sense, every Blessed Central Family is already a Tribal Messiah. This is True Parent’s expectation of us and a part of their victorious foundation as alluded to in True Father’s final prayer. However, we need to own it. We need to start it within our own family.

Conditions of Victorious Tribal Messiahship

What is our goal, and what signifies a victoriously completed Tribal Messiahship foundation? Again, it is important to remember, that continued movement in the right direction is more valuable than just crossing a line. However, True Parents have established a standard, and it is healthy to start off with an ultimate goal in mind. Based off of True Parent’s words for the fulfillment of Tribal Messiahship, the goal is to give the Marriage Blessing to 430 families.

Because 430 is a large number of people, and it is not so easy to accomplish as one family, True Mother is encouraging us to accomplish this number by working together with two other families as a trinity. Working together in this way, we can find creative ways of working together, supporting each other and holding each other accountable.