If you had one minute with True Mother, what would you say?

Imagine you have one minute to share your story with True Mother. She wants to hear how God's is working in your life; she wants to hear stories of even the little things that are a part of your experience. Here's an easy way to structure your short testimony:

  1. Show gratitude to True Parents. How did True Parents help, or inspire you in this experience? What in particular are you grateful to True Parents or True Mother for? Is there something True Parents said or did that encouraged you?
  2. Set the scene. What were you doing, or attempting to do? What happened?
  3. Results.  How did you see God working?How does this show progression or development? What are the results?
  4. Internal Breakthrough. What were you able to overcome? What new growth do you feel as a result?
  • Please enter a value between 10 and 200.
  • (street witnessing, event, workshop, etc.)
  • Remember to make your story as concise as possible so it can be easily shared. Connect your story to True Parents, set the scene, tell us about your results and internal breakthrough.
  • Do you have a good quality photo that can give your testimony some context? Please share one or two of them with us.
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    Accepted file types: jpg.
  • What is happening in your photos, and who's in them? Write a caption.
  • We would love to publish your testimony, but we appreciate that sometimes the content can be sensitive. Please let us know who you're comfortable sharing this story with.