Sharing the Blessing

Frequently Asked Questions

True Parents are offering the world the opportunity to receive the Blessing through Tribal Messiahs. In order to equip American Tribal Messiahs, we have defined a special status of Blessing Officiator. Blessing Officiators are authorized to bestow the Blessing to anyone, including those in their own tribe or for others in the wider community.

In response to True Parents’ vision, Family Federation USA has established an exciting goal to Bless 1 million Americans by 2020. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions.

Who is authorized to give the Blessing?

Continental directors, national presidents, and certified Blessing Officiators (USA only) have the authority to conduct the Blessing Ceremony. Your couple can apply to become Blessing Officiators here.

How Do I Become a Blessing Officiator?

The HSA-UWC Board has established an application process to become a Blessing Officiator. Your application will be sent to your District Pastor for review, and then forwarded to the President of FFWPU for final approval.

Upon final approval, a certificate of authorization to officiate the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony will be sent electronically and by mail to the officiating couple.

What are the Essential Elements and Order of the Blessing Ceremony?

There are a lot of creative elements that can be added to the Blessing Ceremony to enhance the experience for the participating couples. However, the following elements must be included in a Blessing Ceremony presided over by a certified Blessing Officiator, in the following order for it to be aligned with True Parents’ standards:

  • The Holy Wine Ceremony
  • Sprinkling of the Holy Water
  • Affirmation of the Vows
  • Prayer for the new Blessed Couples
  • Pronouncement of the Blessing
  • The Chastening Ceremony (may be conducted privately for participating couples)

*A full description of how to guide each component is given in the Blessing Ceremony How-to-Guide.

How do we define a Blessed Couple, or Blessed Central Family?

Couples that complete all the steps to change their blood lineage, regardless of their faith tradition, will be considered a Blessed Central Family. Children conceived after the change of blood lineage are Blessed Children. An outline of the steps can be accessed here.

The Holy Wine Ceremony can be offered to a couple as the first step towards receiving the Blessing, and the couple can later be invited to participate in a Blessing Ceremony.

As mentioned above, the Blessing Ceremony must be officiated by True Parents or certified Blessing Officiators.

What are the official standards for Membership?

You can find a full explanation of official membership standards in this Global Standard article.
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What Counts Towards Completion of My Heavenly Tribe?

This is an important area to keep your eyes on, because we are still pioneering. Also, frankly speaking, the measurement of what constitutes a Heavenly Tribal Messiah is somewhat fluid. Why? Because Mother recently explained that once you bless 430, you need to raise them all up to be Tribal Messiahs as well. In other words, they should all know True Parents, receive the full blessing completing all of the traditional steps, and bless 430 couples. An endless multiplication until we reach all 7.5 billion people.

So the question becomes, how much do our tribe members need to fulfill in order to be counted towards our tribe goal of 430?

For now, you can count those who:

  1. Complete the Holy Wine Ceremony
  2. Complete the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
  3. Complete the Chastening Ceremony
  4. Sign the Blessing Form or Register Online

You as the Tribal Messiah are responsible to continue their education, and encourage them to participate in the 40-Day and 3-Day Ceremony when appropriate.

What is the difference between a Blessed Family and a Tribal Messiah?

A Tribal Messiah is Blessed Family or Blessed Couple who is expanding God’s lineage by teaching and blessing couples in their tribe. A Tribal Messiah must have completed all the traditional steps of the blessing, and have substantial knowledge of our teachings, traditions. Currently the We Can Do It seminars are the official Tribal Messiahship training for American members. However, additional training, resources and support is currently being developed.

What About “Pre-Blessing”?

The term “Pre-Blessing” has been used to describe couples that have completed the first step of the change of blood lineage, by receiving the Holy Wine. This includes those who received the Holy Candy during the campaigns of the 1990’s.

To help them complete the change of blood lineage, and to fulfil the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship goal of 430 families, Tribal Messiahs are responsible to support the new families to fulfill all the steps of the change of blood lineage.

You can count these Blessings if you have their names and a current way of contacting these people and are actively working on re-contacting them and building the relationship.

I wasn’t a Blessing Officiator but I gave someone the Holy Wine, what’s next?

Once someone becomes a Blessing Officiator, everyone they have previously given the Holy Wine or Blessing to, can be retroactively given the status of being Blessed, and can be counted toward the completion of their Heavenly Tribe.

Where Do I Get the Holy Wine to Bless my Tribe?

If you are a Blessing Officiator you may multiply and use your own CIG Holy Wine using the seed wine from the Holy Items received from True Mother in 2016.

Who Can Multiply the Holy Wine?

Only the continental directors, national presidents, pastors, and certified Blessing Officiators have the authority to use and multiply the CIG Holy Wine to conduct Holy Wine Ceremonies. For all others that receive the Holy Wine as part of their Cheon Il Guk Holy Items set, the Holy Wine should be kept as a symbol of True Parents’ love and blessing. Those wishing to use the Holy Wine to conduct Holy Wine Ceremonies are encouraged to apply to become Blessing Officiators. The application can be accessed here.

Who can multiply Holy Water

Only the continental directors, national presidents, pastors, and certified Blessing Officiators have the authority to use and multiply the CIG Holy Water.

The process to multiply Holy Water is very similar to the process to multiply Holy Wine.

Those wishing to use the Holy Win/Water to conduct Blessing Ceremonies are encouraged to apply to become Blessing Officiators. The application can be accessed here.

How can I multiply holy wine, salt and water?

Instructions for multiplying holy items can be found in the “Marriage Blessing How-To Guide” available in the witnessing materials section under the “resources” section of this site.

You can also download the guide directly by clicking here.

Can I purchase individually packaged & pre-filled communion cups from a company and multiply them myself?

US National Leadership received special authority to be able to multiply pre-filled cups. However, only the National leader is authorized to do this. You cannot multiply pre-filled cups on your own.

How do I report my Tribal Messiahship Blessings on a regular basis?

Please keep track of all the details of you Blessings yourself. You can use the Blessing tracker spreadsheet available for download on this page.

Please also go to the “report your Blessings” page on a regular basis to report the number of Blessings you have accomplished.

Click here to report your Blessings.

How do I Register a community Blessing Ceremony?

The simple Blessing Ceremony host registration form can be accessed here. Once a Blessing Ceremony has been registered, the host will receive ongoing support and resources from the BFM. Also, the host will be contacted immediately after the ceremony to submit a report to be shared with our Unification community, and potentially True Mother. Hosts do not have to be Blessing Officiators.

How does a couple register to participate in a community Blessing Ceremony?

As of right now, there are two ways married couples can be recorded as having participated in a Blessing Ceremony:

  1. Prior to the ceremony, a participating couple registers themselves or someone supporting them registers the couple using the Married Couple Registration on, which can be accessed here.
  2. Or, immediately following the ceremony, the host of a Blessing Ceremony can send a list of the names of the couples that participated in the ceremony to the BFM at

We are working to build a system where Tribal Messiahs can keep track of the members of their tribe. For now, each Tribal Messiah is encouraged to keep track of their own data on a personal spreadsheet.

Can I give the Blessing to a Single Senior?

Older, unmarried or widowed persons that have not yet received the Blessing may receive the Single Person Blessing, and count towards your tribe. They will receive the Blessing in the spirit world after departing this life. Candidates that are 60 years plus and either:

  • Single, or
  • Divorced, or
  • Widowed

Participants in the Single Person Blessing must pledge to remain single and celibate for the duration of their earthly life. They will receive the Blessing in the spiritual world with their spouse or another Single Person Blessing participant. Seongwha Ceremonies can be held for these individuals when they pass away.

Candidates for the Single Person Blessing need only to participate in a Holy Wine Ceremony and receive a benediction by a local pastor or a Blessing Officiator. However, they are welcome to participate in a traditional Blessing Ceremony. Candidates must first register for the Single Person Blessing online here.

Can I Bless a single, divorced person?

Divorced people can receive the Purity Pledge similar to a young unmarried person.

Can I Bless a couple who is living together but not married?

This couple can receive a Purity Pledge only.

What is the required Blessing Offering amount?

For Married Couples

There is no minimum amount of offering required in order for a married couple to complete the Change of Blood Lineage process. However, all couples are encouraged to make some sort of offering in gratitude for what they are receiving. Suggested amounts are $2000, $1200, $400, $210, $120, $40 or other, per couple.

For Unificationist Couples

For many years now, the standard Blessing Offering amount for matched couples residing in the U.S. has been $2000 for matched individuals and $2000 for married couples. A payment plan is available for those who need it. Those wishing to offer a different amount should consult with their pastor or the BFM HQ.

The Meaning and Purpose of the Offering

The tradition of the Blessing Offering was established by True Parents to help couples connect to the value of the Blessing. For all Blessing Ceremonies True Parents have officiated, they have asked the participating couples to make a financial offering. The amount to be offered varied according to the Providence at the time and according to the location and nation.

How do I Obtain Holy Handkerchiefs for the 3-Day Ceremony?

Currently during a couple’s 40 Day Separation period, requests for Holy Handkerchiefs are to be submitted to Mrs. Ayako Heller at by district pastors. After a couple has completed their 3-Day Ceremony, an email should be sent to Mrs. Heller reporting this. The couple will then be recorded as a Blessed Couple.

We are currently working on a more streamlined approach and will make an announcement about that when ready. In the meantime please connect with your district pastor as suggested above.

What is the idea behind Blessing One Million Americans?

The aim of the Marriage Blessing Movement, and purpose behind the goal of giving the Blessing to one million Americans is to:

  • Restore couples and families to God through True Parents’ Blessing.
  • Make a substantial condition for America to be restored back to God.
  • Unite the efforts of all Tribal Messiahs across the nation.

What Counts Towards Achieving the Goal of Blessing One Million Americans?

Every person who participates in a Marriage Blessing Ceremony counts towards the fulfillment of the one million Americans Blessed goal. This can include:

  • Each spouse of a married couple
  • Each spouse of a matched couple
  • Each child that receives the Blessing together with their parent(s)
  • Widow/ers receiving the Single Blessing
  • Older singles receiving the Single Blessing
  • Young singles making a Purity/Blessing pledge

Can I count Blessings I gave in another country toward my 430?

Your Blessings are all yours – but your Tribal Messiah completion is recroded by the country in which you completed the Blessing in. If you want you 430 accomplishment to be recorded in the USA you need to have completed at least 50% of your Blessings in the US.

Can I count Blessings that I pay others to accomplish for me towards my 430?

This practice does exist in other countries and Tribal Messiahs in the US have been approached with offers typically for Blessings from Africa. This method is not accepted towards completion of Tribal Messiahship in the US.

How can I join the Tribe Call?

The Tribe Call happens every Tuesday evening at 9 PM EST. You can sign up to receive invites to this call by clicking here.