50 Couples Rededicate to God in Queens

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On Saturday July 8, 50 elderly couples, in a beautiful act of love, rededicated themselves to their spouses and to God at a Blessing Rededication of Marriage Ceremony in Flushing, New York. The Universal Peace Federation (UPF), International Chinese Association (ICA) and the Queens Family Church hosted the ceremony, with each couple arriving one by one to Flushing’s SelfHelp Senior Center before receiving the Holy Wine Ceremony, taking their four vows, receiving their certificates, exchanging rings, and sealing their commitment and rededication with three cheers of mansei.

The 100 participants renewed their vows to follow and resemble the example of True Parents. The director of the Selfhelp Senior Center, Jane Qui was enthusiastic about holding the rededication ceremony at her center because she also comes from a spiritual background and has maintained a relationship with the Queens Family Church for the last 15 years. Consequently, she communicated to the couples, many who were Chinese like herself, that True Parents stood for strong family values, purity, and loyalty among family members. Because True Parents’ teachings were consistent with Confucian ethics, many of the Chinese participants had a strong interest in the meaning of the Blessing, Unification theology and the Holy Wine Ceremony

Rev. John Kung, the pastor of the Queens Family Church, served as the emcee of the ceremony, while Amy Yang Miyamoto translated to Chinese, and Rev. Chen Fong and his wife, Kyon Sook Fong, officiated the ceremony. Family and friends were in attendance, to the joy of many of the couples. Many of the couples had never held a public wedding ceremony because the Chinese government feared large gatherings of people, but years later, these couples were finally able to publicly rededicate their love to each other and to God through this ceremony.

Resonating with True Parents’ teachings and the Blessing Ceremony, all fifty couples agreed to attend “Peace Starts With Me” just a week before the event would take place. Thus, with their newly rededicated marriages to God and True Parents, the couples had the opportunity to welcome True Mother to America just a week later at Madison Square Garden.

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