Van Loon Tribal Messiah Testimony

First, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for True Mother’s leadership, particularly her efforts to encourage us to fulfill our responsibility as Tribal Messiahs. One reason our Heavenly Parent blessed us, we believe, was in the hope that we would share these blessings with others. When we listen to True Mother encouraging us to do just that, it strengthens our original mind and resolve, and for this we are grateful.

For many years True Father was asking us to succeed at Home Church and, later, at Tribal Messiahship. We feel sorry that it has taken us so long to get this far. Through our recent experiences we understand more deeply, as we come to feel God’s heart through these activities, the value of doing what True Parents directed.

We are also grateful to Joe and Sun Willett. In the past, our desire to share the Blessing was coupled with the understanding that to do so, first we needed to teach Divine Principle and explain about True Parents being the Second Coming of Christ. The Willetts’ success, presented to and accepted by True Mother, opened the door to new possibilities. 

At the start of 2018, we decided to accomplish the 430 Blessings within this year.  But then in January I took on a new job and became very busy. We live in Walnut Creek, California, which is not close to our church, and we are somewhat isolated. Previously, to strengthen her motivation for giving the Blessing and to get started more efficiently, my wife, Keiko, attended TribeNet 2017 in Las Vegas. There she met the Willetts, Dennis and Mayuri Hoffman, Sang Moo Borneman and other successful Tribal Messiahs from whom she could gain valuable tips and inspiration. After the workshop she also participated in local activities with Unificationists in our area who were working to give the Blessing.

We live in a large, 400-unit senior apartment complex. Many of the residents are very friendly. When we moved here from San Francisco in the spring of 2017, although we didn’t have any foundation here, we felt God had brought us to a situation where we could bless people. Shortly after moving in, we conducted daily prayer walks around the complex, reading the Family Pledge as we walked and reciting names from a list of contacts we had made so far. We also took advantage of different opportunities provided by the management to meet people. We even sanctified the entire area surrounding the complex with holy salt. Later, after becoming Blessing officiators and studying the accepted standards and qualifications for the Blessing, we began to bless people whom we had gotten to know.

The new job I started in January as a tax preparer was seasonal, and I was scheduled to be off from just past the middle of April through June. When Keiko learned of this, she suggested that we should use this time to focus on giving the Blessing. I had been thinking to accomplish the 430 Blessing by the end of the year, but she felt it was better to finish as soon as possible, hopefully within May and June and before I’d become busy again. Actually, we continued giving the Blessing up till July 15. On that day, as we counted the number of people we had blessed, we realized we had reached our goal of 430 and also that it happened to be the last day of the 40-day condition TribeNet had set. After blessing about 70 of our neighbors, we went outside of our complex to bless our neighbors.

We blessed whites, blacks and a colorful mix of people from other countries such as India, Algeria and Afghanistan, to mention just a few. But most people were of Hispanic origin, many coming from Mexico or other Latin American countries. Because neither of us spoke Spanish and many of the adults we met didn’t speak much English, the bulk of our presentation to these people became the Spanish material we had gotten from Mrs. Hoffman, supplemented with a few Spanish phrases we would learn along the way. 

Simply put, our experience could be summed up like this: We prayed; we went out; God worked. I remember reading in True Father’s words something to the effect that if we want God to listen to our prayers, we should pray about something God is interested in.  We know, as parents, that the most important thing for us is to be able to share lovingly in the lives of our children. We know that God, our Heavenly Parent, has been unable to do that, resulting in inconsolable grief.  Our prayer, then, was to alleviate God’s grief by liberating His children through the Blessing.  To do that, we asked God to allow us to meet people who were prepared or who were at least open. 

We made small conditions: Hoon Dok Hwe in the morning, followed by prayer, and we would also pray together before going out. It soon became clear that God was working with us, most obviously in the people and the families we met. It dawned on me that doing Tribal Messiahship is similar to God’s act of creation. God created in order to have objects with whom He could substantiate His love.  In the same way, we were going out looking for objects with whom we could establish eternal bonds of love.  It was, and is, essentially a journey of the heart.  Almost every day we would meet some wonderful family, and then the next day, another wonderful family.  It seemed as if there was no end to the wonderful people we could meet. And in this process of creating our tribe, we could experience substantially our own spiritual growth.

In the morning, I would read True Father’s Peace Messages.  In them he presents the Marriage Blessing as the key to world peace. The truth of that proposition began to resonate with me, not conceptually but as a substantial reality. The Blessing was the very way God was working to create heaven on earth, especially now when the True Parents had finally come. And here we were, taking part in that great work by sharing the change-of-lineage Blessing. 

Keiko felt similarly. During the TribeNet workshop she realized more deeply that this Blessing was the very same precious Blessing Heavenly Parent had been wanting to give to His children, from the time of their creation all throughout the providential history of restoration up until today. But God had been unable to do so. Keiko felt a longing to comfort God’s heart and become a filial daughter.  She then realized that this is what True Mother is talking about when she emphasizes Hyo Jeong.

As deeply inspiring as our experiences were, however, we were not without challenges.  We had long held the concept of the Blessing that it should be given on the foundation of an understanding of the Divine Principle and of True Parents.  Because of this, Keiko explained that it seemed as if, standing between her and the goal of blessing 430 couples was a rocky, towering, seemingly insurmountable mountain, for she knew how much effort it takes to witness to, raise up and bless even one member. But because True Parents and God were asking her to do it, believing that they wouldn’t ask her to do something she couldn’t accomplish, she thought that somehow it must be possible. As we blessed more and more people, little by little her rocky mountain started to crumble.

Also, because we were going out every day, seven days a week, and being not quite as young as we used to be, physically we had to push ourselves. Sometimes we could bless people early in our shift, but on many days we would spend the first hour or so with no result. We often had a goal to bless at least five families in a shift, but there were many times when we felt that if we could bless at least one family, we’d be grateful. There were a few days when we didn’t bless anyone. On our best day we blessed eleven families. It was hard work, climbing stairs and knocking on doors, but a closeness to God and the parental love we felt for these people helped us overcome our tiredness, aches and pains. Overall, the experiences we shared helped bind us more closely together as a couple. Working for a vertical cause, we became closer. We also felt that going to bless people as a couple was much more effective than going alone. 

Of course, not everyone was open to receive the Blessing. Still, we could feel God’s love for them. There were some with whom, perhaps because they were divorced, we could not share the Blessing, but who nevertheless could appreciate the value of what we were doing. When we left their homes, they would be in tears and we would share silently in their sorrow.  And there were some who were very religious but who, because of their strict doctrinal beliefs, declined to be sanctified with holy water or to drink holy juice. Most of them, however, were willing to have us pray for them. 

Among those whom we did bless, there were varying degrees of enthusiasm.  Many received the Blessing quite joyfully, some willingly, and some a bit hesitantly. While giving the Blessing, we usually joined hands and prayed in people’s doorways, but many families invited us into their homes to pray. Many offered us something to drink or bottled water. Some even shared their dinner with us. Sometimes people invited us in to dine, but due to time constraints we reluctantly had to refuse. We blessed couples, families with children, and two and even three generations in one family. Once we blessed three couples, all friends who happened to gather together in one apartment. On some occasions, we blessed two friends and their spouses. On other occasions, two siblings and their spouses. Depending on the circumstance, we would try to bless as many people in one place as possible, including single seniors. 

Many of those whom we blessed were deeply religious. Yet there was one young couple, for example, who could see the value in what we were doing, even though the Japanese husband was an atheist and the American wife a Wiccan. We blessed many Muslims, even though it was Ramadan. Two Muslim families, one from Afghanistan and one from Algeria, invited us back after sunset to bless them. We did, and they shared their dinner with us. One family we blessed invited us to attend their daughter’s graduation party later that evening. We went, and at the party we were happy to see another family from the same complex whom we had also blessed. 

As wonderful as it was to meet and bless these families, we knew that this was just the beginning. As much as we wanted to spend time to get to know them and to take care of them, we decided to focus instead on extending our foundation. With this in mind, we usually told people that we would like to come back later to talk more about the importance of the family.

Our next phase will be to go back and take care of these wonderful people. With this in mind, we kept good records, organized according to apartment building or street address, all located in a particular geographical area. Each Blessing we documented with names, addresses, phone numbers, photos, an occasional email address and pertinent information. In this way we have filled eight large binders.

Now we are in the process of selecting follow-up materials and planning outreach strategies. Recently we were able to talk with Sun Willett again. She told us that she has had at least 40 couples complete all five steps of the Blessing. We would like to do this also, and it was inspiring to hear her testimony and to learn from her attitude of sacrificial devotion. 

Blessing Kentucky

This article began as a report to True Mother given through

Rev. Kim Ki-hoon, chairman of the North American RegionalGroup, in late September.

By Joe and Sun Willett


Two years ago True Mother strongly talked about the state level blessing.

October 5th 2017, Sun was thinking and planning how to do this state level blessing till late into the morning. She then made her commitment and promised God that she would bless all the rivers, lakes, creeks, reservoirs and all the drinking water sources for all 120 counties and Bless officials at their county seats in Kentucky.

That night she asked True Father, Is this plan good? If it is then show me a dream tonight. Father gave her the dream, we were waiting in the Grand Ball Room for True Father’s speech. This was the answer she needed.

Since that time we have driven over 16 Thousand miles. We were driving 8 to 12 hours a day, coming home late into the morning hours. Even in the winter time we were out very late giving blessings and blessing water resources in far away counties.

We first visited all 120 counties and more than 120 cities to bless their water resources and bless county and city officials. We were blessing County Judge Executives, Sheriffs, Fire Chiefs, Battalion Chiefs, emergency services leaders, Mayors, Police Chiefs, assistant Chiefs, Captains.

They were also in and out of their offices for meetings, emergencies and on sight responsibilities. So we realized we would have to go back to many counties to reach the leaders we had missed.

We have re-visited 120 counties to reach these leaders and we have blessed 500 Leaders so far by the Holy Wine ceremony.

A reorganization

We needed to change our strategy when we were doing counties further away. We found we could do a 3 to 4 day trip, do 3 to 4 counties in a day, then go to a hotel in the next days working area and repeat. We not only had shorter trips at night, we had better coverage of each county and we averaged 10 to 12 counties on each trip or more.

We have had many dreams and revelations and miracles that have spurred us on. We have hundreds of pictures of blessing dignitaries. We have not had much time to write out our testimonies yet but Sun has kept accurate notes of our records and experiences.

For official, sheriffs and police who we could not meet because they worked on a different time shifts we left the Marriage re-dedication candy packets (included blessing vows) for all the married couples in their departments. They were deeply grateful for our prayers for their safety and their families.

The Blessing re-dedication packets are made of two mints and the re-dedication vow message, so the official can take it home and do the re-dedication with their spouse

We still have to do 3 days for the flower business a week but during those days, what ever time is needed we take for blessing and encouragement of Blessed couples to do the 40 day and 3 day conditions. We have 40 couples so far who have done the 3 day ceremony.


Visions and dreams

Since we started the state level blessing, we have receive over 30 dreams that promised fruitful results and visions for the future, but also challenging us to speed up our activities. Those dreams are exciting and amazing and we wanted to share two of them now and a miraculous vision we received our last day.

On a beautiful sunny day Sun was standing on the top of a chain of mountains that seemed to be u shaped but also appeared to be in ¾ of a round shape around a huge valley. It reminded her of a stadium. The valley was filled with thousands and thousands of members who were surrounding True Mother. Sun was looking for True Mother but she could not see her. She was so far away that the people looked like dots, but she could feel That True Mother and members were so happy and they were taking pictures with True Mother.

In the second dream True Mother is seated up in the front of a bus full members. Two young men, second generation are both sitting in the drivers seat and they are sleeping and exhausted. Sun is sitting behind True Mother and True Mother is turned ¾ ways round toward the members and she is so happy she is singing. Sun had never seen her so Happy but True Mother also looked tired, Still she was so joyful Sun wanted to sing along with her.


Admiring dedication and service

On Wednesday September 26, 2018 we were visiting the last 3 counties on our second round of 240 visits to Kentucky counties. Many times I have felt tired and dizzy but we always went out, but on this day I also felt nausea and a headache on top of the other things I was dealing with. I really worried about how I could meet people in this condition and it would be very dangerous for me to drive as there were heavy rains and slick roads.

Our first county was very hard. We only Blessed the Chief of Police and a emergency services official.

It was even worse at our second county, the county and the city government had closed at noon already. The only place that was open was a storefront with re-elect a state senator signs.

The people there were not to interested when we explained our mission to network with prayer groups to pray for first res-ponders and they rejected the blessing ceremony. It seemed the most reluctant one was an older gentleman, but when one of the others let on that he was a pastor, I was very excited to meet him and to hear about his life. At one point I asked him if he knew if there were any pastors serving as chaplains for the fire and police departments. It turns out he had a long history serving as a Chaplin for first responders for many years. I felt as if we had only been and praying for first responders for only a year but this minster has been on the front line experiencing the pains and suffering along side of his flock for so many years. I told him it would be an honor if he could share some of his experiences on our web sight, ( First Responders, Pray for them. ) I then asked him again, we need a least one person in this county to do the Holy Wine Blessing and he accepted.

Looking back on this meeting I felt this was the break through for what happen next.

Reaching our objective

We moved on to our very last county, Carroll County but we were worried. We wanted to reach 500 holy wine Blessings on this last day of our year long Blessing Activities, but it did not look possible.

As we entered this last county the Sunshine brook through the clouds and the sky started to clear.

While the government offices were open nobody was in. The last office we visited the lady said the Fire Chief, Police Chief, and the Sheriff were all in the same place at one of the fire departments and the police station was next door. They were putting in new radios systems into some of their vehicles.

We met and explained to the police chief what we were doing and we wanted to take pictures and the Chief actually got the fire chief and the sheriff and this is the first time we were able to take a picture of 3 leaders all together. They each did the blessing and the fire Chief had his wife there for his Blessing.

There were a lot of other police dropping by and a some firemen working. One at a time among all this activities we would stop each person and bless them with holy wine. Not one person objected. When we were driving away Sun counted up the Blessings and we had met our goal of 500 Blessings!

It felt like a real victory but I soon felt haunted by an often revisit nightmare. I am no father of faith like Abraham, but Abraham failed to do a small part of the offering to cut the dove and what became of his descendants! But at the same time we felt liberated and grateful we could devout our lives for this.

We were driving home on one of the most dangerous winding roads in Kentucky. I was struggling to keep sharp. The winding road took us up to the top of a hill and we saw about 12 giant wild turkeys right on the side of the road. We slowed thinking they would fly away from us but one of them took off right in front of our car and the rest flew right over us following the first turkey. We cheered at seeing this unbelievable spectacle.

Then further down the road there were two even bigger birds on the road and I was concentrating on the curve in the road and just then one of the birds rose up and began flying so close to my drivers side window he was blocking out the view and his wings nearly hit the window as he flew parallel to us for about 4 or 5 seconds.

A sign in the sky

As we were entering back into our home county I see the most unusual cloud formation

It looked like God had taken a giant comb and raked the front edges of the clouds strait down into a vertical drop of several hundred feet. These puffy thick strands of clouds had both a uniform thickness and a uniform space between them. The wind curved these thick strands into duplicate curves as if they were strands of puffy hair.

When we got home we where unloading the car and something reminded me to look up and right above and just to the north of us were the vertical strands of clouds. Something prodded me to look up again this time above and slightly to the south. And then I saw it. I began yelling to Sun to look up!!!!

I was struggling to get my camera to get a picture of it before the wind blew it away; it was a

perfect gigantic head of an American Eagle. Under its hooked beak, its mouth was open as if it were

calling out. The eye and the protruding brow that makes that stern and noble expression were


And the clouds that curved out from the eagle’s neck in a half circle and turn back right at the

place where the shoulders of the wings would be, and then the clouds sweep back forming the front

shape of the wings. The top of the beak was beginning to change just as I took the picture but it still

shows the shape with unmistakable certainty. We were speechless. As God showed us this American

eagle in the clouds, he reminded us to be strong, bold and brave; so let us bless America and the


True Father’s tears

I was going to finish the edit and send this report tomorrow but this morning Sun came to me and

told me she just had a dream and she broke out crying. In her dream, True Father came to her in her

room. Tears were in his eyes and he was holding her hand. Father started to go, but Sun was holding

his hand, crying, Don’t go! Don’t go! Don’t go! as Father was walking away, while Sun was still crying

loudly. We long for the day when God and True Parents will not have to cry.

That same morning, while reading hoondokhae, we came upon these words by Father, “I want to

meet you to praise your hard work with my tears.” We were reading Cham Bumo Gyeong page 588

chapter 26. We are especially grateful for our brother Laurent Ladouce and his wife Shigeko san.

Laurent’s request that his wife, Shigeko, could come from the spiritual realm to help us in giving the

blessing deeply moved us. There were those who were stubborn and refused the blessing many

times but then without any visible reason, they suddenly changed their minds and received the

blessing. I think that Shigeko san was a bright spirit working hard to educate and convince the ancestors

to change the minds of their descendants so that they could receive the blessing. We will always

be grateful for their help.

This was the last day of 240 visits to Kentucky’s counties in order to bless and rededicate the marriages

of county officials, other leaders and all the people in each county. In the past year traveling

over sixteen thousand miles, we have faced many challenges but God has always been there ahead of

us every step of the way. On this journey we experienced the deeply profound sadness of God and of

the Messiah, True Parents, who have always hidden their unspeakable burdens from us.

This journey has also brought us many wonderful dreams and incredible visions as God pushes

us to work harder, longer and faster. Our last day was the most incredible day of all and we want to

bring that testimony to all our brothers and sisters soon. Throughout our journey, God was reminding

us again and again, so I say it here: BE STRONG, BE BRAVE.

I was struggling to get my camera to get a picture of it before the wind blew it away! It was a perfect gigantic head of an American Eagle. Under his hooked beak his mouth was open as if it was calling out. The eye was there and the protruding brow that make that stern and noble expression was present.

And the clouds that curved out from the eagles neck in a half circle and turn back right at the place were the shoulders of the wings would be, then the clouds sweep back forming the front shape of the wings. The top of the beak was beginning to change just as I took the picture but it is still shows the shape with unmistakable certainty. We were speechless.

As God showed us this American eagle in the clouds he is reminding us to be strong and bold and brave so let us bless America and the World.

I was going to finish the edit and send this report tomorrow but this morning Sun came to me and told me she just had a dream and she broke out crying. In her dream True Father came to her in her room. There were tears in his eyes and he was holding her hand. Father started to go, but Sun was holding his hand, crying, Don’t go! don’t go! Don’t go!, As Father was walking away while Sun was still crying loudly. We long for the day when God and True Parents will not have to cry.

That same morning while reading Hoondok Kay We Came Upon these words by Father,

I want to meet you to praise your hard work with my tears.

We were reading Chambumo Kyeong page 588 chapter 26

We are especially grateful for our brother Laurent Ladouce and his wife Shigeko-San. We were deeply moved by Laurant’s request that his wife, Shigeko could come from the spiritual realm to help us and giving the blessing. There were those who were very stubborn and refused the blessing many times but then with out any visible reason they suddenly changed their mind and receive the blessing. I think that Shigeko-San was a bright spirit working hard to educate and convince the ancestors to change the minds of their descendants so that they could receive the blessing. We will always be grateful for their help.

Joe and Sun Willett

What seemed like an impossible task has now become reality for Matthew and Marianne Goldberg of Crofton, Maryland, as they reached their Heavenly Tribal Messiah goal of giving the Marriage Blessing to 430 couples.

Support from the Maryland community played a major role in the Goldbergs’ accomplishment. “Our faith community formed a mutual support group led by Tomiko Duggan. Those brothers and sisters are truly wonderful in their support,” Matthew said.

Jim Boothby, pastor of the New Hope Family Church, the church that the Goldbergs attend, was also a source of support. Pastor Jim challenged himself to a 40-day Blessing condition in June 2018. Although some days the Blessings didn’t take place until late at night in a gas station parking lot, he knew God was behind him. “Pastor Jim Boothby is constant and affirming as he sets an example himself and encourages others through sermons and personal contact,” Matthew said.

Initially Matthew had little faith that this goal was even possible. But after hearing his wife express that she was serious about this goal, he knew he was going to support her. “I knew in my heart that this work needed to be done. I did not want to leave it to my descendants,” Marianne said.

Marianne completed several Blessings in which she met people at a shopping mall. “I carried an approach book and a little lunch bag with holy juice, an ice pack and holy water,” she said. Matthew showed his support by cooking and cleaning while his wife was out. But when Matthew did go out with Marianne, his efforts did not go unnoticed. “Sometimes Matt would come along and pray. Everything worked better at those times,” Marianne said.

Approaching, meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life showed the Goldbergs that outward appearances were not as significant as they imagined. “I think we see people from a more compassionate viewpoint now. We met so many different people, and some surprised us when they accepted the idea and the Blessing toast and prayer. It helped me at least to overcome [my habit of] judging people,” Matthew said.

At times when Marianne felt tired, she leaned on True Father’s words for support. “He once said, ‘When you try to accomplish something important, your life will be extended,’” Marianne said.

After attaining their goal of blessing 430 couples, the Goldbergs will continue to educate their tribe through various avenues such as Women’s Federation for World Peace, Universal Peace Federation, prayer breakfasts and meetings in their home.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

Dennis and Mayuri Hoffman of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, greeted everyone they met during their journey to 430 Blessings with a big smile.

“We think smiling is very important to approach. They can open their heart with our smile,” Mayuri said. Whether they were in a church, going door to door, or meeting people at an event, the Hoffmans poured all their energy into giving a good first impression to everyone they met across their entire home state of South Dakota and beyond.

The Hoffmans have conducted Blessings on both sides of their families, including cousins. Mayuri’s parents joined the church in 1974, two years after she introduced the Divine Principle to them. The Hoffmans also visited the State Capitol of South Dakota and gave the Blessing in every office. The governor of South Dakota and the mayor of Sioux Falls have received the Blessing from them as well as a copy of As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

Dennis and Mayuri believe that this is the most important time in history and that it is time to restore the nation through Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. “True Parents are on the earth now. We have never had this opportunity before, and we won’t have it forever,” Mayuri said.

The Hoffmans did not limit themselves to their own neighborhood, city or even state. “We went to every city in South Dakota, and even parts of Iowa and Nebraska. We visited every church and gave the Blessing to ministers.” Among them, seven ministers attended the three-day Divine Principle workshop. Three of those couples did the three-day ceremony. The Hoffman’s completed their 430 in July of 2002.

Each time they approach a couple about the Blessing, Dennis and Mayuri introduce themselves as part of the One Million Family Blessing Campaign from the Family Federation for World Peace. They hand each couple a copy of the registration form which states the four vows.

When the couple agree to those points, the Hoffmans prepare Holy Wine for all and offer a toast to the family. Next, they offer a prayer and sprinkle Holy Water. Lastly, they introduce the chastening ceremony as a chance to forgive and move on from any emotional or physical abuse of love. They tell the couple: “This is an opportunity to cut from any physical abuse or misuse of love from the past. You may have hurt each other or been hurt by the other. Through this ceremony everything is forgiven.”
In addition, Mayuri said, “We offer origami, a song, and education about the meaning of the Blessing. Many people give us [presents in return:] hand-made pillows, jewelry, blankets. We have unforgettable relationships with each family to whom we gave the Blessing.”

Their experience with Heavenly Tribal Messiahship has given the Hoffmans a deeper desire to love Heavenly Parent, True Parents and people. They have dreams about True Parents that encourage them to love people every day. “Through Tribal Messiahship activity we practiced God’s words in our daily life. Our relationship became deeper and more wonderful,” Dennis said.

The Hoffmans’ main focus, moving forward, is to help other families fulfill their Heavenly Tribal Messiahship goals. They continue to visit churches and ministers’ homes, bringing the Divine Principle and the words of True Parents. Dennis and Mayuri have no plans to stop after reaching the goal of 430 couples. They hope to unite with True Parents’ vision and leave no one unblessed in the spiritual world.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

A Testimony of HTM Victory in Iowa

When Michiko Menning heard the number 430, she was stunned and dismissed the goal right away. However, as the Tribal Messiahship providence began building and getting more serious, Michiko decided it was something she was going to tackle. “If I don’t do 430 now, when I go to spirit world, what am I going to tell God and True Parents?” she said. “I realized I had no excuse.”
Gerald and Michiko Menning reside in Waterloo, Iowa. Gerald supports the family, while Michiko works part time. This has allowed her time to reach people by going house to house and in apartment complexes. For one hour every day, or a little more on the weekends, Michiko visited people. Taking no more than 10 minutes, she had couples sign a petition to support family values, drink the Holy Wine and pray together with her. She also left her business card with everyone she met.

In these short meetings, she had experiences that she said could only have been inspired by God working together with True Parents. “Once I visited a lady in a humble apartment, and she said there was a big aura around me,” she said. Michiko believed it was True Mother’s spirit fully supporting her.

The Mennings have five children: Erika, Kenei, Tomosu, Michielu and Riki. “Without the help of my children, it would have been difficult for me to accomplish 430,” she said. “They supported me every day through different conditions for liberating our ancestors and giving Blessings.” Even in times of greatest difficulty, Michiko said, she felt the support of God and her family. “My happiest moment was on a hot summer day, when everyone was rejecting me,” she said. “Although no one was receiving the Blessing, I felt God’s presence very strongly. I know God and True Parents were truly with me,” she said. “Even though this was a small offering, I feel like I paid off a little debt. There are many things I haven’t been able to accomplish along the way since I joined the church.”

Recalling the start of her journey, Michiko remembers thinking and worrying. She hopes that others who are just starting their journey will not worry so much, because “a negative spirit will take over your heart and mind.” Her advice is: “Once you start blessing people, God will guide you all the way until you reach your goal.” The Menning’s completed their tribe on July 3, 2018.

Looking into the future, Michiko hopes to bring a witnessing spirit to her small community of Unificationists in Iowa. For Michiko, giving the Blessing is a great gesture that shows sincere gratitude to True Parents for everything they have done for humanity.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

To begin with, my sincere prayer is that our Heavenly Parent can guide this message in such a way that it will be a help to some of you, my brothers and sisters. The greatest thing my wife, Silvia, and I hope our Heavenly Parent can give to any of you who may not have begun Tribal Messiahship work yet is the feeling of how astoundingly EASY giving the Blessing can be – easy, that is, through the grace of God, the One who created us and sustains our every breath!

What led to this feeling that offering and giving the Blessing is easy? This is an important question; speaking not for my wife but simply for myself, I am still amazed that somehow Heaven moved me from a prior state of feeling utterly paralyzed by thoughts of “I can never do this” to feeling that Tribal Messiahship can be done and that it can be deeply rewarding.

Many people spend the majority of their lives hampered, constrained and undercut by their feelings of fear, and sadly this has been my experience too. I won’t bore you with any of the thousands of examples. But the greatest thing that helped in my beginning Tribal Messiahship work was a kind of slow-dawning epiphany, sometime in 2015 or 2016, that I needed to just be honest with God about my fears and ask Him to remove them. My prayers often were expressed something like the following: “God! Heavenly Parent! OK, I admit it, I’M AFRAID! Please take away this fear and replace it with confidence! Thank You!”

I believe that in the process of my offering many similar prayers since 2016 (and continuing today), our Heavenly Parent was able to begin answering them. Over the months it has felt as if Heaven has been guiding me to find more and more effective ways to meet good people and to offer them the Blessing, and to feel good about doing this. Thank You, dear Heavenly Parent!

As far as the steps of offering the Blessing – it goes without saying that each of us will have somewhat different ways in which we feel most comfortable in giving this wonderful, revolutionary gift. My own method has evolved over time, but with the prayer that this will be useful to any brothers and sisters who read this, I will describe my way of offering the Blessing in recent months, through most of 2018.

I came to understand that for my wife and I to consider a couple as belonging to our tribe, they should meet at least these criteria: 1) They are married, 2) they clearly affirm (or clearly appear to live by) the values of belief in God and of love and fidelity in marriage, 3) they have accepted the Blessing we offer, and 4) they have given us some means of contacting them.

Getting permission to set up a table in front of a store can turn out to be very simple. Pray; ask Heavenly Parent for assistance (ask for the aid of “Blessing permission angels,” if you wish!). CVS drugstores can be very open to a group setting up a little table outside and doing work that promotes strong, healthy, thriving marriages and families. Who doesn’t want to support such beautiful values? Supermarkets often turn out to be quite familiar with non-profit groups asking permission to man a table outside their doors. When I asked permission at Safeway, the man behind the customer service counter simply smiled and pulled out his scheduling calendar, asking, “What days would you like to work here?”

As far as what I set up, it was the simplest of small, foldup tables. Somehow, I did not feel the need to use a banner or any flyers. I simply placed on my little table a cooler with an ice pack and sealed cups of Blessing juice inside, in addition to a pen and a clipboard with a signup sheet on which a married man or woman could write their name and contact information as a way of affirming the ideals of faith in God and love and loyalty in marriage. One time I timed myself from the moment of leaving my car to having everything set up, and was delighted to see that it took well less than three minutes!

What to tell people? Most often, it was something like the following: “Sir (Ma’am, Miss), may I speak with you?”

If the man or woman stops to talk: “My name is ____. I am working for a group called the Family Federation for World Peace. We are asking people if you believe in, and strongly affirm, these two simple but very important values (point to the signup sheet on the clipboard) – faith in God and love and fidelity (loyalty) in marriage.”

If the man or woman does affirm these values, and many do: “Thank you! The Family Federation is hoping, perhaps early next year, to hold a gathering of 10,000 people or more who treasure these values. If you are interested, you can write your name and email address on this paper, and I will try to contact you when I know the date and place for the rally.” Note – of course, you do not necessarily need to invite the person to attend an anticipated rally. You could just as easily invite them to leave contact information so that you can send them some exciting information about building happy marriages and families, or information about the effort to make the world more peaceful and harmonious. Then later on, you could send them a link (or links) to articles such as the article (with wonderful text and photos) on the recent November 12 rally in New York!

If the person does offer his or her contact information (and many are very happy to do so!), and if the person seems sufficiently open to it, and while they are writing on the paper: “Also, if you would allow me, I would like to offer a prayer and a blessing for you and your loved ones (your family).” By God’s grace, many people who already believe in our Heavenly Parent are actually very happy, even delighted, to receive a prayer for their family. Then it is easy to offer a brief, sincere prayer that our Heavenly Parent will bless the person’s family and to offer them the Blessing through the Blessing juice or the Blessing candy. If, as sometimes happens, you may have forgotten to offer to pray for the family, you should in any case offer the Blessing juice or candy and can tell the person something such as, “And I would like to offer you this grape juice (candy) – it is meant to bring a Blessing! And please (if the person’s spouse is not present), take this extra juice (candy) and give this to your spouse, and tell him (her), ‘This brings a Blessing!’” When the person has thanked you and left, you can pray silently, sincerely asking our Heavenly Parent to give to the departing person and their spouse the change-of-lineage Blessing! And don’t forget to thank our Heavenly Parent for another couple you can welcome into your tribe, can pray for, and can contact in the future to help them learn about the heart of our Heavenly Parent and about our True Parents!

Dr. Theodore Shimmyo and his wife, Sumie, of Irvington, New York, reached their Tribal Messiahship goal of blessing 430 couples on August 12, 2018.

They have been living with their daughter’s family in a three-generation home since their eldest grandson, Masaki, was born fourteen years ago. Along with their Tribal Messiahship activities, they care for their grandchildren, Masaki and Mie, before and after school, taking care of pick-ups and meals. After preparing an early dinner for the kids, they would go out to share the Blessing. As their grandparents left, the grandchildren would often offer a “good luck” or “see you later.”

It was True Mother’s extraordinary love and sacrifice for humanity that motivated the Shimmyo’s to complete their Tribal Messiahship at this time. “We quite seriously prayed to God to know more about True Mother’s internal and external situation and her desire. At that moment, we burst into tears and decided to do at least our Tribal Messiahship activities to help lighten her cross,” Dr. Shimmyo said.

For someone who is holding off on starting their Tribal Messiahship, Theodore and Sumie recommend two things: prayer and participating in the TRIBENET Zoom call on Tuesday nights. “From the TRIBENET calls you can receive much inspiration and encouragement—especially from Rev. Demian Dunkley, who I think is one of the best persons to convey True Mother’s heart,” Dr. Shimmyo said.

The Shimmyo’s learned their approach from Stephen and Hisae Child, a Las Vegas couple whom they heard on the TRIBENET call. “First my wife introduces herself with a nice, big smile, saying, ‘We are on a signature campaign to promote family values,”‘ Theodore said. “Then my turn comes as the husband. I explain about the importance of family values, given the problematic reality of family breakdown in America and the rest of the world as well.” Following the signatures, they offer the Blessing as appreciation.

Fear of rejection was a major hurdle in the beginning. They endured the same rejection they feared. “Our most challenging moment was when we were rejected continuously by a number of homes in a row during the hot summertime. We became discouraged and tired, physically as well as spiritually,” Theodore recalled. However, their fear dissolved when they focused on True Mother’s wish to bless all 7.6 billion people on earth.

Their happiest moments were experienced when they saw couples enjoying the chastening ceremony. Sometimes couples would even confess that their relationship suffered due to infidelity. “Couples who were struggling would say we visited their home at the right time and were so appreciative. They were so happy,” Dr. Shimmyo said. 

Tribal Messiahship has brought Dr. and Mrs. Shimmyo closer together as a team. “Because we as husband and wife worked together all the time for this effort, we now became even closer to each other, centering upon God. We feel we want to continue the work together for the rest of our lives,” Sumie said.

As a result of their blessing efforts Dr. and Mrs. Shimmyo also have felt closer to True Mother and True Father, as well as Family Federation’s leadership. Moving forward, they hope to educate newly blessed couples by visiting their homes and inviting them to events.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

Before the Borneman family even began to go out and give the Marriage Blessing, they started doing conditions. Fasting, bowing, doing Hoon Dok Hwe and reading True Father’s “God’s Hope for America” speech were all part of the foundation they laid to build their tribe.

Ken and Sang Moo Borneman live in Las Vegas. Ken works full time, so it was up to Sang Moo to go out and give the Blessing. “In the beginning the biggest hurdle was overcoming the sense of going out alone,” Sang Moo said. But there was a lot of behind-the-scenes support from her husband. “He supported me by putting gas in my car every day before I went out and also helped me cook for our neighbors once a week.” This support initiated a deeper connection between the two. The couple’s children supported spiritually by offering prayers for her to reach her goal by July 4, 2017.

One hundred days is what it took Ken and Sang Moo Borneman to fulfill their goal of blessing 430 couples. “After hearing True Mother talk on Tribal Messiahship, I realized how important it was. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim [FFWPU continental chair for North America] also asked us to complete 430 by the time of the Madison Square Garden event in July 2017, so I decided to start a 100-day condition to fulfill my responsibility,” said Sang Moo.

Using a Spanish-language witnessing center in Las Vegas, Sang Moo started teaching Korean classes for up to 30 students, five days a week, four hours a day. She teaches the Korean alphabet, basic vocabulary and simple conversational Korean. These classes were how Sang Moo met many students and blessed them. She introduced the Blessing as a way to protect families from negative influences and a chance to unite their family under God.

The Bornemans stayed connected with families they have blessed by inviting them to their home, where they hosted Korean barbecues, gave out True Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, and took the children swimming.

Building relationships with people from various walks of life has changed Sang Moo’s heart. “Now I have the ability to love anybody: young, old, black, white. And now my husband and I are more involved in church activities and with the providence. My children even have had more success in finding spouses and receiving the Blessing.”

Throughout the 100 days of giving the Blessing Sang Moo admits there were very tough moments. “When people reject me, my heart is filled with sorrow that they cannot understand the value of the heavenly Blessing,” she said. However, those hard moments were made up for by the hundreds of couples who were genuinely overjoyed to receive the Blessing. “I photograph them before we part ways. They are so happy to receive the pictures later,” Sang Moo said.

Sang Moo feels that giving the Marriage Blessing has numerous benefits. “Fulfilling your tribal messiahship is the best way to safeguard your marriage, children, and your future generations by being the best ancestor possible,” she said.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

Michael and Kikuno Allen of the San Francisco Bay Area in California completed their. Tribal Messiahship goal of giving the Marriage Blessing to 430 couples in May 2018. Since then they have been educating other Unificationist families to help them start tribes of their own.

Beginning by standing in front of grocery stores, the Allens quickly found that going door to door enabled them to re-contact people better. Reaching couples primarily door to door, the Allens built their Tribal Messiahship foundation.
Thinking back to what made them feel called to build their tribe, Michael said there is a lot of confusion in the world today and he wanted to show very clearly where he and his wife stood.

“True Parents needed my very personal loyalty, faith and support to accomplish Heavenly Parent’s Will, and I was ready to do anything that I could to make it happen,” he said. With this clear goal, the Allens set out to embody Heavenly Parent’s love for others and found many responsive couples who, they believe, may embrace the Unificationist teachings one day.

The Allens approached couples with an offer to pray for their family. “They begin to open up when you offer to pray for them,” Michael said. They asked couples to write their names on the Allens’ prayer list and then asked them to read the Pledge. If the couple agreed with the Pledge, the Allens then offered them Holy Wine and prayed over their love, life and lineage. Lastly, they gave a colorful pencil labeled with “Forgive, Love, Unite” and showed couples how to perform the forgiveness ceremony. Michael recalled that they told the couples, “Many times couples say or do things that hurt their spouse. With this you can make a new start.”

Through giving the Blessing together, the Allens noticed their own spiritual growth and greater connection in their marriage. “It is a joy to give the Blessing to families, and it stimulates our original minds and grows our spirit and power. Giving the Blessing showed us how much people need God’s True Love. In many cases, people would cry or laugh out of joy when receiving this Blessing.”

Michael and Kikuno are now helping other Unificationist families begin their Tribal Messiahship by demonstrating the basics at flea markets. In addition the Allens are reaching out to those whom they blessed to begin building a relationship with them. “We are currently developing a simple narrative as a loving way to introduce families to True Parents and the Divine Principle,” Michael said. “It is very rewarding to help others reconnect with Heaven. You will feel better about yourself and begin to understand how valuable you are as you help others to receive the Marriage Blessing, thus expanding God’s loving world.”

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

Our Large Family

Stephen and Hisae Child of Reno, Nevada felt called to build their tribe by fulfilling the blessing of 430 couples once they could deeply feel True Mother’s heart for each and every Unificationist couple. “Dr. Ki Hoon Kim (Regional Chairman, Family Federation North America) told us that True Mother had asked him not to let another Unificationist go to the spirit world without accomplishing the blessing of 430 couples.” Hearing this expression of deep love is when the Child’s got serious about their Tribal Messiahship. “This wasn’t about a directive from above or a technique to expand the Unification movement. It was about a mother crying at night, unable to sleep, worrying about her children who are in trouble. It was no longer out of a feeling of guilt or a burdensome sense of responsibility.”

The months leading up to the pivotal moment in which they determined to reach 430 blessings were not without some anxiety. Stephen admits being faced with fear and other negative emotions. “We were kind of internally desperate and kept trying to overcome our hesitation by watching Famicon 2017 videos of testimonies by the Willets, the Hoffmans and others for clues about how they had done it.”

Stephen and Hisae focused on True Mother’s words to empower them to go out to meet and bless couples. “True Mother said, ‘Every day, the walls of ignorance get higher and thicker, and the river of fallen nature gets wider and deeper. We can’t handle this ourselves, so we just have to go to God in prayer and miracles will happen.’ We still had some things to learn, but the key point was that now we possessed strong and positive motivation that actually energized us, instead of the negative feeling of pressure to take responsibility we had been feeling since coming to our hometown in 1992.”

It was the combination of True Mother’s words, the support and practical help they received from others and their own deep internal realizations that kick-started the Child’s journey. A chain of successful tribal messiahs trained and inspired the Child family to pursue the goal of 430 blessings. “The Willetts helped the Bornemans who helped the Seungs who helped us,” Stephen said. It was truly a team effort.

“I see now that a sense of responsibility alone was not enough this time to motivate us to build our tribe. It was love—the love of True Mother—that for the first time we could feel very personally, and that we just had to share with others,” Stephen said.

“Just go out. God wants to work through you. It doesn’t need to be perfect,” Hisae said. “Whenever we had a difficult experience, God was always waiting on the other side. There were times we would go, for example, from meeting a homewrecker in one home, to another from which clouds of marijuana fumes billowed out as the door opened and an infant wailed inside. We felt so much rejection, and at times it was so depressing, but then as soon as we crossed the street we were met with beautiful families and welcoming smiles.”

The entire process proved to be nourishing for the couple. “As spouses, our unity of purpose and common resolve was 100%. We were in this together, and we would either succeed together or fail together, but together we would be.” With a set end-date goal of June 12, the Childs began to treat one another differently, with more support and understanding. “Instead of just criticizing each other when we displayed our foibles and weaknesses—which had been so easy to do before—we instead tried to cover each other’s backs.” The common cause unified Stephen and Hisae in a way they had never expected.

Stephen’s and Hisae’s lives have been transformed through the experience. After having accomplished the blessing of 430 couples and establishing their tribe, they feel they have a large family to take care of and many relationships to develop. They continue to bless new couples, however they are more focused now on the couples they have already blessed and on bringing each one to the next step.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin