A 40-Day Commitment to Help Transform the World

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Elma and Jeddie King, Co-Pastors at the King’s Home Church in Kissimmee, FL, along with their community, have completed a 40-day prayer commitment including a daily reading of True Mother’s words. Mrs. King reported, “We need to go out into the world so that True Parents can transform this world through you…Many people are waiting to see what happens rather than working to make things happen.”

The 40-day commitment began on April 1 with a celebration of Good Friday, the resurrection of Jesus. Throughout the days, the Kings spent hours on top of hours witnessing and blessing people everywhere possible, such as the grocery store, on the streets, at the movie theatre, and even when someone was helping them with a flat tire.

In the past, the Kings have faced hardship and persecution for their witnessing efforts, but have always responded with love instead of hate which resulted in quite a few miracles. On one occasion, Mrs. King received a call from her sister, who used to be opposed to anything related to the Unification Movement, and listened wholeheartedly to True Mother’s words. Another instance, among many others, was when Mr. King’s grandson reached out to learn the Divine Principle in order to leave a legacy of love for his children to remember him.

While the Kings were going door-to-door one day, they witnessed and blessed Kenneth Kelly who invited them into his home for a three-course dinner. Mr. Kelly talked about his time in the Korean War and his unconditional love for his late wife. Word about Mr. Kelly spread to Rev. Victorine and Emmauel Souck, Assistant Pastors at the King’s Home Church, who were so inspirited by his story that they invited him to speak at their Blessing Ceremony on May 12 where 41 couples and 99 singles received the Marriage Blessing.

The Kings have been working day and night to get the word out about the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother. As True Mother said, “Fallen people cannot return to God on their own, but all must go through True Parents to be reborn.”

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