A Blessing in Yeosu

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On June 29, Family Federation International Vice President Dr. Ki Hoon Kim and his wife, Mrs. Tamme Kim held a Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony at Yeosu, South Korea, completing their Blessing of 430 couples.

In the Grand Ball of the Ocean Resort, 620 people from Bo-Eun, Mrs. Kim’s hometown, were in attendance to receive the Marriage Blessing. She was full of joy as she was able to help offer this gift to God along with so many who shared her roots.

Dr. Kim and Mrs. Kim also invited their relatives to receive the Marriage Blessing. For years, the couple have invested tremendously by making many devotional commitments in order for this Marriage Blessing to happen.

After Rev. Cheong Soo Kim, the emcee of the ceremony, gave a video presentation regarding the meaning of the Blessing, Dr. Kim delivered the main address, emphasizing that we can build happy families and one family under God through the greatest gift of True Parents: the Marriage Blessing.

Rev. Koo Yong Park gave a representative prayer following by the entrance of the officiator. Rev. Yoon Ho Ok and his wife were the officiators and after the Holy wine ceremony and holy water ceremony, all participants received the benediction and the Marriage Blessing was proclaimed.

Young Soo Cho, President of Ambassadors for Peace in Bo-Eun gave congratulatory remarks. Finally, over 600 people in the room joined together to share this great achievement with God through eog mansei (cheers for million years of victory).

Many Unificationist leaders from Korea, Japan, and America sent flowers to congratulate Dr. Kim and Mrs. Kim on completing the Blessing of 430 couples. The couple is determined to hold more Marriage Blessing ceremonies more in America, Korea, and other nations to fulfill their missions as tribal messiahs.

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