A Calling to Share the Blessing

w-joe-sun-willett-copy-copyFor seventeen years Sun Willett of Georgetown, Kentucky, has developed close relationships with customers of her flower business. In June of this year, she started giving the Holy Wine to her customers. Until now, she has blessed 434 couples, about 25 to 30 couples each week. Her husband, Joe Willett, has written a testimony about her witnessing activities.

A Calling to Share the Blessing

Seventeen years ago we started a flower business so that we would have time to do church work instead of having full-time jobs. We worked hard at it when, after a year and a half, we needed to pay the Total Living Offering. That amount was equal to all our earnings in the first year up till the time of the offering. So we gave everything with a grateful heart.

From that time on, the business continued growing, and we had time to work on bringing guests to church activities. We were doing many prayer and spiritual conditions, and over the years we were able to bring more than 650 guests to True Parents’ speaking events and smaller Blessing events.

Sun has had many dreams about True Parents in which they challenged her to witness. Even when things were difficult and we felt like we were not making even a tiny dent, she has felt very strongly the need to continue her witnessing efforts. We have seen literal miracles because of her work.

Sun tried to witness to many fundamentalist Christians, who were very good people but very stubborn about their ideas. She was really struggling and crying out, “True Parents, why can’t I reach their hearts?” Then she had a dream in which True Parents moved into our house and said they wanted to stay for one month. They said that Georgetown has a lot of hope.

A year and a half ago Sun started feeling an urgency about giving the Holy Wine, because she felt that America and the world were in great danger. I felt: Now is the time to feel Heavenly Parent’s historical heart of suffering. Now that we are seeing more chaos and tribulation in the Last Days, we are trying to comfort our Heavenly Parent’s heart and repent for our ancestors. For 34 years our True Parents invested all their love and prayers to save this country. We have to bring joy to our Heavenly Parent.

Four months ago, God spoke through our friend Kum Hee Fontaine when she wrote Sun a letter, challenging her to complete the Blessing of 430 couples. Sun has over 600 customers who are very good friends. She has always spoken with them about True Father’s words, her own revelations, family values and God’s hope for America. Many of our friends tell her they feel blessed when she comes to their place.

One of the biggest challenges is that many of these very good people are executives in companies who work many hours a day. When they get home, they have to take care of their family and it is difficult for them to do much reading. We have to do more conditions for them, so that their ancestors and good Christian spirits can open their hearts; then True Father can mobilize the spirit world to help them. We have to make a more sincere foundation for them.

We really feel that, even though our conditions are very small, they are still important to comfort Heavenly Parent’s heart. Although these couples are only at the formation stage, having received the Holy Wine, it is very clear to us how the spirit world is actively working now, and our hope is that these first steps will lead us to eventually bring our couples to attend the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony.

We have noticed that though these couples do not understand the full meaning, somehow they feel they need and want to participate in the Blessing.

How We Share the Blessing

Sun was careful to follow the nine steps below in giving the Blessing:

  1. Show the True Family Festival I.D. that has our family picture.
  2. Give Holy Wine and bowing condition.
  3. Sprinkle Holy Water.
  4. Read the four Blessing vows.
  5. Give flowers.
  6. Show True Parents’ Blessing photo.
  7. Enter their names into the Blessing records.
  8. Ask them to commit to their marriage and the four Blessing vows, and let their children inherit the Blessing vows.
  9. Give them the True Love and True Family book and ask them to read it.

During this time of giving the Blessing, Sun has received dreams and feels the joy and encouragement of Heavenly Parent.

It was only after we had blessed 434 couples that Sun understood that God wanted to use this condition to stimulate and fulfill our responsibilities for sharing the Blessing in America and in the world.

We intend to keep visiting these couples to deepen their understanding of the Blessing and the importance of the Divine Principle. We are going to encourage them to study Divine Principle through the website dplife.info. We will continue to give out lecture DVDs and many FFWPU publications, some of which are True Love and True Family; True Families: Gateway to Heaven; Messages from the Spirit World; and True Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

The Value of Offering Education

When one of my friends, a professor, listened to Divine Principle lectures given by Rev. Kevin McCarthy, he became very inspired and passed the DVD on to another professor, who in turn played it for her students. My friend said that the lectures left a deep impression on those students.

When this professor read True Love and True Family, he told me this book was very, very interesting! When I blessed him and his wife, they were so happy, they insisted on giving me a monetary donation. He is now reading the color-coded Divine Principle. Three couples from his family were also blessed at the same time.

Sun has been able to cultivate many good friends and educate them in developing their faith in God, the importance of family values and how God is working in the world today. They sense her good will and spirit, and they seek her out for advice. She is always pushing them to develop a life of faith with God.

God’s Miraculous and Healing Love

Last week at one of the regular stops for our business, I saw someone in a wheelchair who is the son of one of the employees who has been a longtime friend. This son, Steve, had been working there for about a year. He has a very severe case of arthritis and could not stand or walk. He had become very skinny. I was in the owner’s office when Steve came in. Doug, the business owner, had already received the Blessing.

Suddenly I felt I should pray for him to be healed. I told him, “Before I pray, you have to believe in God, and Jesus will cure you.” The words came to me: “I truly love you, and I feel great sympathy for you. You and I have to believe absolutely 100 percent. Let’s pray.” I put my hands on his shoulder and back and prayed a short prayer.

Next week when I went to that company, I saw Steve standing and walking around. I was amazed that he was walking and working now. He came to me and said, “You have to change your job!” I said, “Oh, God is the One who healed you!”

There were several people there who were not religious, so I said to Steve, “Even if you don’t go to church, you have to believe in God and Jesus and be a good person.”

Another time, on the same day that I was going to bless one couple, the wife found out that she had cancer and was expected to live only three months. She told me she was “OK” and said, “I am just fine with this.” I prepared the Holy Wine and then I told her, “This Holy Wine will cure your cancer.” She and her husband received the Blessing, and they were very thankful. I asked her husband, “Do you really love her?” He said, “I love her with all my heart.” I said, “If you truly love her, she will be cured.” The next week I met them again and she said, “The doctors say I have no more cancer!”

We have to believe True Father when he says that blessed couples can cure diseases, including cancer, and perform miracles. We have to do it with absolute faith and true love. That woman and her husband are now reading True Love and True Family. I have counseled them on their purpose of life, and I know that God loves them so much. She said to me that when she wakes up every morning, the first thing she thinks about is me.

In several companies 80 percent of their employees are blessed. In the beginning they would not smile at Sun, but now the feeling is very close and they smile and greet her with affection. With the foundation of this initial Blessing I feel that their ancestors are very happy and they are anxious to help them.

We have to keep working on our relationship with them, deepening our trust with our ancestors and continuing to do conditions for them. True Father and the spirit world are waiting and ready to help us, but it depends on our dedication and the conditions we make with true love. With true love nothing is impossible. I sense that the change is coming. We each can support each other with prayer and have a new determination to win daily with sincerity and bring breakthroughs in this Blessing Providence.

–Contributed by Joe and Sun Willett

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  • Dear Joe & Sun,
    Many, many thanks for sharing your testimony. it shows what husband &wife working together can achieve along with True Love from HF & TP. A true example of ‘living for the sake of others’ I am very inspired.
    Love & Blessings to you and your tribe.

  • Thank you for unchanging loyalty faith and devotion. Inspires us all to focus on the work True Parents gave us to do.

  • Gloria Frothingham-Goldstein

    You are so right. I have often thought I could be more powerful. In 1996 when I went to Cheung Pyeung for National Messiah training. God said to me you must be bold as steel.

    Reading your testimony makes me repent but also determine to do more and really believe and call on Heavenly Parents and True Parents and make more conditions to enter into a higher realm and have the cooperation of them and my ancestors and my precious spouse
    in spirit world and love unconditionally my comfort husband. With that foundation of unity then I can love people with God’s True love.
    Gloria Frothingham-Goldstein

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