A Cool Way to Spend Your Evening

For Tyler and Hyeyong Hendricks, after committing to the direction True Parents gave to complete Tribal Messiahship, it was a process of finding the best method. Because of Hyeyong’s health, Tyler completed several Blessings on his own. “She went only a few times, but her spirit was always with me, and her encouragement and confident expectations of me were solid as a rock.”

Beginning to bless people didn’t come easy. “I knew that I was taking on a huge challenge and it was a hurdle to say ‘Yes, I’m going to try!’” Learning from Dr. and Mrs. Michael Jenkins’s style of parking lot Blessings, Tyler found the way that worked best for him. “Once I started going there was a self-reinforcing dynamic. It felt good. Every day, when you feel good and bring results toward a concrete goal that you’ve committed to, it’s easier to go out and do it again.”

Tyler believes these Blessings have opened the gate for him to become someone who can make a difference. “I really believe in our ideals and our goals, and I thought this would be a good step to take.” Although Tyler has been involved with several projects within our faith community throughout the years, these Blessings have had a profound impact on his faith. “Blessing people has helped me to focus my faith into a simple message with actionable steps that can render a substantial result,” Tyler continued. “Not all the dots are connected yet but fidelity within marriage and sexual abstinence before marriage, that’s it. That is the commandment God gave to Adam and Eve, and if the world can accomplish that, that’s Cheon Il Guk and that’s beyond religion.”

Tyler’s relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents fueled his passion for reaching people. “God wants to knock on these people’s doors and he doesn’t have a physical body. Every time I shared the Blessing invitation, even if the people weren’t interested, I felt that it was a good thing to do because I was proclaiming the truth to the spirit world, as well as to these people. It is just good to speak the truth for its own sake, and somebody is going to hear it somewhere.” Even though most of the Blessings took place in the evening after a long day, the activity created its own momentum. “I wouldn’t get tired at all, even after two or three hours of running around, because I would get so much energy from it.”

As for a happiest moment during his journey, Tyler didn’t have a single moment that stood out, but rather several happy moments just through meeting new people. “Many nights, you meet really good people,” Tyler mentions. “I met one man who has ten children and his wife is pregnant with number 11; he is just a virtuous guy. You meet such virtuous people. Usually if there are adult children and parents together, almost always if one of them would partake the other would do it automatically. To see the family unity was what made me happy, and to realize how many people agree with our ideals, even if they didn’t receive the holy juice.”

One piece of advice Tyler has is to begin a routine. After finding a process that worked, Tyler found that setting a daily routine helped him get into a spiritual rhythm. “Eventually, I didn’t have to think about it. It was a set commitment, and I felt like, hey, what else is there that I’d want to do? It’s just a cool way to spend your evening.”

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

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