A New Start for Tribal Messiah Work

Contributed by Atsushi Takino

I have led a Hoon Dok Hwe (scripture study) small group for ten years since 2006. The purpose of our Hoon Dok Hwe small group was to create more Blessed families, and I have had wonderful experiences with other families. I often felt God’s spirit within us. We invited guests along to our small group.


However, we have not had anyone attend the Marriage Blessing Ceremony yet. We have many excuses why we couldn’t do it. I believe that one of our issues is that we didn’t devote ourselves enough to increasing Blessed families. The small group’s goal was to connect and care for each member in the group.

Therefore, I think God and True Parents gave us one more chance to fulfill our responsibility as tribal messiahs. After we attended the We Can Do It sample workshop at the Clifton (New Jersey) Family Church on May 29, 2016, we started tribal messiah activity as a trinity.


When we formed the trinity group, we decided on a common goal and vision, and met every week. Our first event was the community family BBQ on July 3. About 35 people attended, including one guest.

We proved that we can work together and also showed that everyone in a team is accountable. We are not a team because we work together; we are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.

We also held a Japanese culture summer festival at the Clifton Family Church on July 23. We have held Japanese culture festivals for more than ten years. Year by year, we have invited guests to the festival, and this year more than 30 guests came, with a total of 120 participants. Each year the number of guests is increasing. However, it is sometimes difficult to communicate with other people because of the language barrier.


We believe we can testify about True Parents and Blessed family culture to the people living in the U.S. by giving them the best service. We are always thinking how we can give the guests more joy and more love. This year we contacted and invited a traditional Japanese drum group consisting of young people to give a performance. Many in the audience were delighted by their performance. We also appreciate many of the Unificationist-born young adults who supported this event. They give us energy, joy, and hope. I believe we can establish the Blessed family culture, the heart of culture in our community, with young people and seniors working together, centering on Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

Our next event will be our Marriage Blessing anniversary, which we will celebrate in August. Through the tribal messiah workshop we were reminded of how we can realize our vision. We have great hope to multiply the Blessing through our trinity group and our small group working together.


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