A Testimony of HTM Victory in Iowa

When Michiko Menning heard the number 430, she was stunned and dismissed the goal right away. However, as the Tribal Messiahship providence began building and getting more serious, Michiko decided it was something she was going to tackle. “If I don’t do 430 now, when I go to spirit world, what am I going to tell God and True Parents?” she said. “I realized I had no excuse.”
Gerald and Michiko Menning reside in Waterloo, Iowa. Gerald supports the family, while Michiko works part time. This has allowed her time to reach people by going house to house and in apartment complexes. For one hour every day, or a little more on the weekends, Michiko visited people. Taking no more than 10 minutes, she had couples sign a petition to support family values, drink the Holy Wine and pray together with her. She also left her business card with everyone she met.

In these short meetings, she had experiences that she said could only have been inspired by God working together with True Parents. “Once I visited a lady in a humble apartment, and she said there was a big aura around me,” she said. Michiko believed it was True Mother’s spirit fully supporting her.

The Mennings have five children: Erika, Kenei, Tomosu, Michielu and Riki. “Without the help of my children, it would have been difficult for me to accomplish 430,” she said. “They supported me every day through different conditions for liberating our ancestors and giving Blessings.” Even in times of greatest difficulty, Michiko said, she felt the support of God and her family. “My happiest moment was on a hot summer day, when everyone was rejecting me,” she said. “Although no one was receiving the Blessing, I felt God’s presence very strongly. I know God and True Parents were truly with me,” she said. “Even though this was a small offering, I feel like I paid off a little debt. There are many things I haven’t been able to accomplish along the way since I joined the church.”

Recalling the start of her journey, Michiko remembers thinking and worrying. She hopes that others who are just starting their journey will not worry so much, because “a negative spirit will take over your heart and mind.” Her advice is: “Once you start blessing people, God will guide you all the way until you reach your goal.” The Menning’s completed their tribe on July 3, 2018.

Looking into the future, Michiko hopes to bring a witnessing spirit to her small community of Unificationists in Iowa. For Michiko, giving the Blessing is a great gesture that shows sincere gratitude to True Parents for everything they have done for humanity.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin


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