Allens Help Others to Reach Their HTM Goal

Michael and Kikuno Allen of the San Francisco Bay Area in California completed their. Tribal Messiahship goal of giving the Marriage Blessing to 430 couples in May 2018. Since then they have been educating other Unificationist families to help them start tribes of their own.

Beginning by standing in front of grocery stores, the Allens quickly found that going door to door enabled them to re-contact people better. Reaching couples primarily door to door, the Allens built their Tribal Messiahship foundation.
Thinking back to what made them feel called to build their tribe, Michael said there is a lot of confusion in the world today and he wanted to show very clearly where he and his wife stood.

“True Parents needed my very personal loyalty, faith and support to accomplish Heavenly Parent’s Will, and I was ready to do anything that I could to make it happen,” he said. With this clear goal, the Allens set out to embody Heavenly Parent’s love for others and found many responsive couples who, they believe, may embrace the Unificationist teachings one day.

The Allens approached couples with an offer to pray for their family. “They begin to open up when you offer to pray for them,” Michael said. They asked couples to write their names on the Allens’ prayer list and then asked them to read the Pledge. If the couple agreed with the Pledge, the Allens then offered them Holy Wine and prayed over their love, life and lineage. Lastly, they gave a colorful pencil labeled with “Forgive, Love, Unite” and showed couples how to perform the forgiveness ceremony. Michael recalled that they told the couples, “Many times couples say or do things that hurt their spouse. With this you can make a new start.”

Through giving the Blessing together, the Allens noticed their own spiritual growth and greater connection in their marriage. “It is a joy to give the Blessing to families, and it stimulates our original minds and grows our spirit and power. Giving the Blessing showed us how much people need God’s True Love. In many cases, people would cry or laugh out of joy when receiving this Blessing.”

Michael and Kikuno are now helping other Unificationist families begin their Tribal Messiahship by demonstrating the basics at flea markets. In addition the Allens are reaching out to those whom they blessed to begin building a relationship with them. “We are currently developing a simple narrative as a loving way to introduce families to True Parents and the Divine Principle,” Michael said. “It is very rewarding to help others reconnect with Heaven. You will feel better about yourself and begin to understand how valuable you are as you help others to receive the Marriage Blessing, thus expanding God’s loving world.”

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

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  • Because of faithful couples like you, America has hope. Thank you and God bless your continuing effort to help other tribal messiahs.

  • Congratulations, Mike and Kikuno! I was so happy to see your testimony. How wonderful to feel the joy of fulfilling God and True Parents’ desire! And to go on to help others achieve the dream. May abundant blessings from Heaven flow to you and your family.

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