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From August 5 to 7, over 50 Australian Unificationists gathered at the Belgrave Church in Melbourne, for one of its “We Can Do It” Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshosp, kicking off an inspirational, rejuvenated movement to help Unificationists on their journeys as tribal messiahs. A wide variety of people from all over the continent were present at the workshop—elders, youth, couples, families, brothers and sisters, who hailed from Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria.

Demian Dunkley, Director of Witnessing and Education for FFWPU North America, traveled across the world to serve as the facilitator of the workshop, along with Karlsun Allen.

Part one of the workshop, “You Are God’s Hope,” taught the participants their value from God’s eyes. “Because we are people who know the Messiah, we are so precious to God,” Rick McInerheney reflected. “I was continually amazed as we reflected on our individual beauty before God—the uniqueness of our being, our personal style, how we joined the Unificationist movement, the significant people of that period, our most important experiences with God and True Parents, our Blessing, our passions, and what aspire to do in our ideal lives.”

The second part of the workshop, “Building the Kingdom,” encouraged Unificationists to proactively create change for God in their lives and in the lives of others. After assessing the current state of their lives, they determined what they could do to bring joy to God through change in their community, their church, their families, and as individuals. “This logical, systematic process was surprisingly moving,” said Rick. “I felt as though I were cleaning house, tidying up, and creating a blank slate within my mind to move forward in my life. With this new mindset and each exercise necessitating that we write down an attainable goal, the path to change no longer seemed so impossible.”

The next section, “The Anatomy of a Tribe” centered on True Father’s words that said,“The ideal world of the future will be maintained through trinities of families. These tribes will be the foundation for the nation.” Upon evaluating the global standards, tribe, culture, structure, purpose, and benefits of tribal messiahship, Sarah Boyd remarked on her gratitude for being part of the Unification movement: “”I did not realize the power of forming a small group and continuously working together. It is a priority in our tribal messiahship that helps us understand what it means to be a part of a tribe before it flourishes into something bigger.”

The main sessions on the following day dealt with action planning. The participants set plans for goals they could accomplish within three months, while Demian and Karlsun provided them with a multitude of resources, from handbooks, online materials, Divine Principle videos, to Blessing Guidance videos. The materials not only equipped the participants with clear, well-researched physical resources, but also moved them: “I was deeply moved by what our brother Demian prepared for us,” said Shang Seon Park. “The booklets, the flash drive with instructional videos, everything was prepared with so much passion, love, and heart to help the  growth of tribal messiah groups.”

Monday morning, leaders gathered to talk about topics such as challenges Unificationists face. One of the main topics of conversation was how the leadership can foster more youth involvement. The dynamic of the leaders personally listening to the grass roots members who are already active in this area was very important.

“The event was very timely, and a life changing experience for me,” one participant said. “I recommend this organized, systematic training that sets up Unificationists for success be incorporated in other gatherings in the future.”

After tremendous efforts made by FFWPU National Leader of Australia, Rev. Lim, and the local pastor, Rev. Arai, making the workshop a reality and seeing the impact it had on its participants was reassuring and inspirational for the organizers.

Contributed by Rick Mclnerheney

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