Australia Organizes We Can Do It Workshop

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On Saturday, December 3, a very exciting introductory workshop with the theme “We Can Do It” was held at the Peace Embassy in Sydney. The We Can Do It program was initiated in the United States by Demian Dunkley, the Family Federation USA Director of Evangelism. The purpose of the gathering was to help all of us recognize that Tribal Messiahship is in reach, and to support the creation of a new culture among blessed families, through which Tribal Messiahship becomes our way of life.

Led by Rev. Soon Teck Lim, 13 brothers and sisters took part in the workshop, which started with everyone reflecting and writing down their thoughts on what stops us from reaching out to people, what kind of outreach inspires us the most, and what is the one thing we could do to open up someone’s heart more.

After the personal reflection, we got together two by two to share our ideas with one another first and then with the whole group.

In a second session, we reflected individually on what we would want to get out of joining a tribe and we wrote up a list of attributes shared by tribes that we know and are inspired about.

Some comments made from these discussions were: “it’s good to do outreach among professionals and like-minded people,” “being in a tribe gives a sense of belonging and identity,” and the attributes of a known parents’ group and a work group were mentioned, including “fun,” “respect,” and “support of one another.”

In the final session, a presentation about the upcoming Marriage Blessing Ceremony and its process of preparation was shared. We looked into the details of how we can prepare our contacts to attend the upcoming Blessing in March 2017. In line with the theme of working together, we were able to make teams in order to start working on this project.

The workshop concluded with a group photo and we declared our determination to make outreach our way of life, including reaching out to and taking care of our own young people, who are a very important part of our tribe.

It is our hope that this “We Can Do It” initiative will soon be introduced to other communities in Australia. A more in-depth workshop regarding Heavenly Tribal Messiahship will be held here in Sydney in the near future.

Contributed by Silvana Daly

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