Clifton Hosts Japanese Tribal Messiahship Workshop

On April 30, 2017, we held a half-day Japanese Tribal Messiah workshop at the Clifton Family Church in New Jersey with 89 people in attendance. We held the We Can Do It workshop three times before, but over 50% of the Clifton congregation is Japanese, so many of them could not participate because of the language barrier. I heard some Japanese members wished for Japanese version of the We Can Do It workshop, so Demian Dunkley, Family Federation USA National Witnessing and Education Director, Mr. and Mrs. Inose, President of Kodan USA, Pastor Manoj Jacob, District 3 Pastor, Kodan Regional Leader Mrs. Yoko Burns, and I decided to have a Japanese Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop.

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We spent many hours thinking about what kind of program would most support our members to move forward as Tribal Messiahs. We also provided English translation for Western members of the Clifton community because we wanted to share the workshop content with everybody.

The Japanese brothers and sisters in Clifton, inspired by the Kodan leaders who attended a prayer workshop with Mrs. Onni Durst in San Francisco one month ago, created a prayer chain and prayed to God and the spiritual world for the success of this workshop for two hours each day for seven days leading up to the workshop. I felt that God and our spiritual ancestors are telling us to testify to the living God, the grace of True Parents and the good spirits who are supporting us around the whole world. From this experience, once again I realized the importance of prayer and of unity, especially among leaders, and felt that my prayer was reaching God and the spiritual realm. On the day of the workshop, 89 Japanese and Western members of our community participated. We learned from Mr. Inose about the importance of having the heart of filial children as tribal messiahs and the opportunity for husband and wife to grow and complete each other more through Tribal Messiahship. On the foundation of that spiritual guidance from Mr. Inose, we picked trinities by lottery for a three-month trial of Tribal Messiahship.

Demian held a Q&A session regarding the activities of witnessing and the Marriage Blessing and we had witnessing practice. He also demonstrated how to bless our guests as a trinity and we all practiced officiating a simple Marriage Blessing Ceremony. Lastly, we had offering time as Tribal Messiah before the True Parents.

Because we want to preserve the spirit of this workshop, we plan to gather once a month and discuss our Tribal Messiahship activities for the next three months. Some of the workshop attendees said afterward that through their experience practicing the Blessing, they now believe they can do it, too. At first we were anxious about choosing our trinities through the lottery, but God had already pushed me to take a step forward and so I felt God was working with us.

I can’t forget True Mother’s commitment in front of True Father. She will complete the providence of restoration and build Cheon Il Guk. We will stand for True Parents.

Thank you.

Contributed by Atsushi Takino, Witnessing and Education Coordinator, District 3

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