Creating a Culture of Tribal Messiahship

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The best part of the week for Demian Dunkley, the National Witnessing and Education Coordinator, is going out to the park with his family and trinity to empower people to join the Blessing movement. In his Tribal Messiahship, Demian has been working tirelessly with his trinity to figure out the most meaningful ways to create a culture in which everyone is inspired to receive the Blessing and become Tribal Messiahs. It is in these environments, Demian found, that it feels most natural to introduce the Blessing and True Parents’ teachings.

“True Mother knows that it’s by becoming Tribal Messiahs that we can really grow,” Demian said. “So by helping others become Tribal Messiahs, we raise each other up, optimizing our growth, while giving back to Mother.” Thus, when True Mother announced that she would be speaking at Madison Square Garden on July 15, Demian was inspired to provide a substantial offering to True Mother that was connected to the current core mission of the Unificationist movement: to Bless one million Americans by 2020 and to build momentum to create a world of Tribal Messiahs.

While this may be a long-term goal, the Blessing movement also serves other important purposes. “Part of the work in this campaign is to clarify the standards of the Blessing Ceremony as established by IHQ (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International Headquarters),” Demian explained. “Many of the families that have been going out—in large part, on their own—have had to figure out how to share the Blessing by themselves. So we want to elucidate the standards to empower the families to Bless people according to the established standards through communication, support, and resources.”

This is where the National Ministry Team’s Witnessing and Education Department, working closely with Blessing and Family Ministry, comes in—not only to fortify a network among the Tribal Messiahs throughout the nation, but also to help foster a more productive, shareable, and meaningful experience for current and future Tribal Messiahs. “Instead of viewing Tribal Messiahship as a series of complicated steps that requires a lot of training, we want to equip our families in a way that makes them feel anyone can do it,” said Demian.

In addition to creating various resources clarifying the standards of the Blessing ceremony, the Witnessing and Education Department has consistently kept in touch with those who have joined the Blessing campaign through phone calls, emails, and a weekly webinar. The communication among the Tribal Messiahs include moving testimonies, updates on how they are progressing in their Tribal Messiahship, Q&A sessions, and improving resources based on their experiences.

Demian emphasized the importance of being proactive in his own Tribal Messiahship in bolstering the Blessing movement, saying, “Doing it ourselves allows my team to develop materials and resources that are actually needed, and trying them out helps us improve them.”

Although the number of Blessings can be used to measure the success of the campaign, Demian highlighted that the campaign is more than just a number. “We see the numbers of Blessings, but it is also a number of deepened or new relationships between the Tribal Messiahs and the people they have Blessed,” Demian said. He added, “True Mother is not just thinking about restoring just your family—she is thinking about bringing everybody back to God,” said Demian. “So if you want to talk about the end game of the campaign, that is the end game.”

Are you interested in creating a culture of Tribal Messiahship? Join the Blessing Campaign! 


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