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Every day before July 15 is an opportunity to build your tribe and bring a substantial offering for True Mother’s arrival. Join the team, participate in support calls, gain access to resources and hear inspiring stories from around the country. Be a part of a network of committed Tribal Messiahs who are actively pursuing their mission to bless one million Americans. 

At, you can gain access to new resources, inspiring stories, and promotion materials such as banners, logos, certificates, applications and more to help you thrive in your Tribal Messiah mission!

This week’s Blessing America Campaign conference call featured Claudette Kambara, an accomplished Tribal Messiah, seen in the picture below. Claudette has a tribe of 430 families who has now entered the stage of tribal care.

Join the campaign for more inspiring testimonies, including the incredible story of a sister from Hawaii who is actively pursuing her role as a tribal messiah, which will be featured next week.

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