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The following are the latest updates from our tribal messiahs all around the nation. Visit our Share page to share about your own experiences and insights or our About page for more information about how to become a tribal messiah.

District 3: Elizabeth

The Elizabeth Family Church shared the Holy Wine and Blessing with two couples in a local Marriage Blessing Ceremony on April 30. Initially, six couples confirmed to attend the Blessing Ceremony, but only one couple could actually make it. Undeterred by this turn of events, members of the Elizabeth community took to the streets outside the church to invite passersby to attend. Read more about their exciting experience here.

District 8: Minnesota

Dennis and Mayuri Hoffman were invited by Rev. Hyungtae Ha to give a testimony on their witnessing and Blessing activities in Minnesota. This was part of a two-day experience from April 15-16, during which time participants went out with the Hoffmans to witness and gave the Blessing to 14 people.

Contributed by Tomoko Taira, District 8 Witnessing and Education (W/E) Coordinator

District 12: Los Angeles

The Los Angeles chapter of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) introduced the Divine Principle to 19 brand-new guests in April. They also ran several workshops, including a “culture war” seminar with 41 participants; a life of faith seminar presented by Pastor George Kazakos with 34 participants; and a HARP, or High School Association for the Research of Principles, workshop, which offered Divine Principle education to 66 students. The culture war and life of faith seminars were both attended by a mix of first- and second-generation Unificationists.

Contributed by Naoko Hiraki, District 12 W/E Coordinator


Tribal Messiahs in Hawaii started evening Divine Principle programs for guests and families at the end of March, continuing every Friday evening through April at our new center by the University of Hawaii.

We serve dinner at 6:30 p.m., prepared by volunteers, and sometimes by second-generation Unificationists or even new members. After dinner, new guests will hear an introductory lecture on the Divine Principle and returning guests will listen to a consecutive lecture. After the presentations, people have a chance to ask questions and engage in an open discussion over refreshments. An older contact who has come to Sunday service for the past few years recently started to study Divine Principle on a regular basis, and another contact who became a bit distant now comes regularly to study the Principle again. A member who has recently joined is unable to come to Sunday service due to his work, but is coming over now to study Divine Principle with other guests.

Ongoing Divine Principle education is a great activity, not only for guests, but also for those who prepare to give lectures. It has given a way for members of our community to come together, and families to support the evening programs together with their older children. We will continue to invite more people and would like to develop a good step-by-step Divine Principle education system.

Contributed by Keiko Nakama, Hawaii W/E Coordinator


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