An Explosive Start to the Blessing Campaign in Minneapolis

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The Blessing Campaign is off to an exciting and successful start, as the Minneapolis Family Church held 140 Blessing Ceremonies–yes, you read that right!–from July 1-2 at the Hmong International Festival.

Over the span of two days, the Minneapolis Unificationist community ventured out to Como Park for the majority of each day, arriving early in the morning at 9:00a.m., while completing their last Blessing ceremony of the day twelve hours later. Together, they were able to gather an astounding total of 460 people to participate in the Blessing Ceremonies, including 162 couples (134 attended together), 100 children, 28 singles, and 8 widowed.

Originally, the community had planned to simply conduct the Holy Wine Ceremony. During the weekly National Witnessing and Education Coordinators’ Call, however, they felt encouraged by our Heavenly Parent to complete the first three stages of the Blessing Ceremony in adherence to the standards established by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) International Headquarters. As explained by National Witnessing and Education Coordinator, Demian Dunkley, the weekly call is an important element of the Blessing Campaign that helps support the network of people on their paths to becoming Tribal Messiahs while providing them with resources.

Although the Minneapolis community faced potential challenges in their decision to adhere to the established standards, they displayed complete confidence that God had prepared His children to receive the Blessing. After setting up upon arriving, the Minneapolis Unificationists were determined to bring people back to God and introduce True Parents’ teachings as they split into teams and assigned roles to one another. Some of the Unificationists prepared the Holy Wine, Holy Water, invitation cards for a Marriage Blessing seminar, paper cranes for gifts, and more, while others actively invited couples.

Dennis and Mayuri Hoffman served as the Blessing Officiators, with each Blessing Ceremony introducing True Parents, explaining the meaning of the Marriage Blessing and Holy Wine ceremonies, and concluding with four blessing vows and the chastening ceremony. Smiles were abound in Como Park, as each couple who received the Blessing had their picture taken to celebrate this important moment in their spiritual lives.

Minneapolis Pastor, Rev. Hyung Tae Ha shared, “After the Blessing we all felt that Heavenly Parent did 99% of the work, and we only did 1%. But that 1% was 120% of our sincere dedication. It was our offering to True Parents before True Mother comes to America.”

The Minneapolis Unificationists plan to deepen the relationships with the couples they met at the Hmong Intercultural Festival, hosting a “More than a Marriage” seminar on July 22 and 29. The seminar will educate the couples to become ideal families and help build a heavenly kingdom together.


I felt that the Hmong people’s ancestors were waiting to experience this moment of Blessing. I saw happiness in many people who attended this ceremony and deep gratitude to the point that some felt moved to donate. It was a profound blessing to all of us who participated.” – Marika Hoegl

At one point, I felt like I had the easiest job but I know that it was an important job. God needs all of us to work together and do our part no matter how big or small.” – Denise To

At times, I struggled with the ‘right’ words to say. No matter the words, my heart was resolute. I wanted to have strong conviction and unwavering heart to know that Heavenly Parent and True Parents are desperately seeking and waiting for ALL of their children to return home. We really want to make a sincere offering to welcome our True Parents and to fulfill our responsibility as Tribal Messiahs.” – Elizabeth Patterson

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  • Wonderful!!! Congratulations to all of you! It really is a new era we are living in … and all it takes is letting go of past concepts to discover what God and True Parents have prepared for us at this time. Well done!

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