New York Couple Prayed to Know True Mother’s Heart

Dr. Theodore Shimmyo and his wife, Sumie, of Irvington, New York, reached their Tribal Messiahship goal of blessing 430 couples on August 12, 2018.

They have been living with their daughter’s family in a three-generation home since their eldest grandson, Masaki, was born fourteen years ago. Along with their Tribal Messiahship activities, they care for their grandchildren, Masaki and Mie, before and after school, taking care of pick-ups and meals. After preparing an early dinner for the kids, they would go out to share the Blessing. As their grandparents left, the grandchildren would often offer a “good luck” or “see you later.”

It was True Mother’s extraordinary love and sacrifice for humanity that motivated the Shimmyo’s to complete their Tribal Messiahship at this time. “We quite seriously prayed to God to know more about True Mother’s internal and external situation and her desire. At that moment, we burst into tears and decided to do at least our Tribal Messiahship activities to help lighten her cross,” Dr. Shimmyo said.

For someone who is holding off on starting their Tribal Messiahship, Theodore and Sumie recommend two things: prayer and participating in the TRIBENET Zoom call on Tuesday nights. “From the TRIBENET calls you can receive much inspiration and encouragement—especially from Rev. Demian Dunkley, who I think is one of the best persons to convey True Mother’s heart,” Dr. Shimmyo said.

The Shimmyo’s learned their approach from Stephen and Hisae Child, a Las Vegas couple whom they heard on the TRIBENET call. “First my wife introduces herself with a nice, big smile, saying, ‘We are on a signature campaign to promote family values,”‘ Theodore said. “Then my turn comes as the husband. I explain about the importance of family values, given the problematic reality of family breakdown in America and the rest of the world as well.” Following the signatures, they offer the Blessing as appreciation.

Fear of rejection was a major hurdle in the beginning. They endured the same rejection they feared. “Our most challenging moment was when we were rejected continuously by a number of homes in a row during the hot summertime. We became discouraged and tired, physically as well as spiritually,” Theodore recalled. However, their fear dissolved when they focused on True Mother’s wish to bless all 7.6 billion people on earth.

Their happiest moments were experienced when they saw couples enjoying the chastening ceremony. Sometimes couples would even confess that their relationship suffered due to infidelity. “Couples who were struggling would say we visited their home at the right time and were so appreciative. They were so happy,” Dr. Shimmyo said. 

Tribal Messiahship has brought Dr. and Mrs. Shimmyo closer together as a team. “Because we as husband and wife worked together all the time for this effort, we now became even closer to each other, centering upon God. We feel we want to continue the work together for the rest of our lives,” Sumie said.

As a result of their blessing efforts Dr. and Mrs. Shimmyo also have felt closer to True Mother and True Father, as well as Family Federation’s leadership. Moving forward, they hope to educate newly blessed couples by visiting their homes and inviting them to events.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

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