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Stephen and Hisae Child of Reno, Nevada felt called to build their tribe by fulfilling the blessing of 430 couples once they could deeply feel True Mother’s heart for each and every Unificationist couple. “Dr. Ki Hoon Kim (Regional Chairman, Family Federation North America) told us that True Mother had asked him not to let another Unificationist go to the spirit world without accomplishing the blessing of 430 couples.” Hearing this expression of deep love is when the Child’s got serious about their Tribal Messiahship. “This wasn’t about a directive from above or a technique to expand the Unification movement. It was about a mother crying at night, unable to sleep, worrying about her children who are in trouble. It was no longer out of a feeling of guilt or a burdensome sense of responsibility.”

The months leading up to the pivotal moment in which they determined to reach 430 blessings were not without some anxiety. Stephen admits being faced with fear and other negative emotions. “We were kind of internally desperate and kept trying to overcome our hesitation by watching Famicon 2017 videos of testimonies by the Willets, the Hoffmans and others for clues about how they had done it.”

Stephen and Hisae focused on True Mother’s words to empower them to go out to meet and bless couples. “True Mother said, ‘Every day, the walls of ignorance get higher and thicker, and the river of fallen nature gets wider and deeper. We can’t handle this ourselves, so we just have to go to God in prayer and miracles will happen.’ We still had some things to learn, but the key point was that now we possessed strong and positive motivation that actually energized us, instead of the negative feeling of pressure to take responsibility we had been feeling since coming to our hometown in 1992.”

It was the combination of True Mother’s words, the support and practical help they received from others and their own deep internal realizations that kick-started the Child’s journey. A chain of successful tribal messiahs trained and inspired the Child family to pursue the goal of 430 blessings. “The Willetts helped the Bornemans who helped the Seungs who helped us,” Stephen said. It was truly a team effort.

“I see now that a sense of responsibility alone was not enough this time to motivate us to build our tribe. It was love—the love of True Mother—that for the first time we could feel very personally, and that we just had to share with others,” Stephen said.

“Just go out. God wants to work through you. It doesn’t need to be perfect,” Hisae said. “Whenever we had a difficult experience, God was always waiting on the other side. There were times we would go, for example, from meeting a homewrecker in one home, to another from which clouds of marijuana fumes billowed out as the door opened and an infant wailed inside. We felt so much rejection, and at times it was so depressing, but then as soon as we crossed the street we were met with beautiful families and welcoming smiles.”

The entire process proved to be nourishing for the couple. “As spouses, our unity of purpose and common resolve was 100%. We were in this together, and we would either succeed together or fail together, but together we would be.” With a set end-date goal of June 12, the Childs began to treat one another differently, with more support and understanding. “Instead of just criticizing each other when we displayed our foibles and weaknesses—which had been so easy to do before—we instead tried to cover each other’s backs.” The common cause unified Stephen and Hisae in a way they had never expected.

Stephen’s and Hisae’s lives have been transformed through the experience. After having accomplished the blessing of 430 couples and establishing their tribe, they feel they have a large family to take care of and many relationships to develop. They continue to bless new couples, however they are more focused now on the couples they have already blessed and on bringing each one to the next step.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

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