Portland Unificationists Celebrate Earth Day with Book & Plant Sale

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The Portland Family Church held a two-day book and plant sale to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and 23 at the local church center located in West Linn, Oregon. The church center is located next to the highway, which is always busy with the vehicles of neighbors in town. The sign for sale outside of the church attracted many guests during the weekend.

Local Unificationist Richard Stumpf said, “It’s spring time, so a lot of the neighbors stopped in to buy plants.  We had an assortment of flowers and vegetables including tomatoes, kale, beets and cabbage.”  

Opening the place to the community is a way of natural witnessing, which Portland Unificationist families are pursuing regularly. In fact, the Portland Family Church also partners with the Church of the Small Voice to hold meditation service on Saturday morning, and their partnership with the Dances of Universal Peace provides an hour of worship dancing after service on the first Sunday of the month.

On Sunday during the Earth Day celebration, Rev. Eric Sylte, Portland Family Church pastor, gave a sermon titled, “The Cosmic Center” related to Earth Day. In his sermon, Rev. Sylte emphasized, “We are grateful to God, our Heavenly Parent, who gives us life, love, and stewardship over the creation.” Afterward, a number of families joined the sale and enjoyed the moments filled with plants and books.


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