Sister Cities Hold Taka Hashi Festival

Contributed by Rev. Larry Krishnek, Cheon Il Guk IW

Our small town of Ferndale, WA. (population 12,741) is big on its relationship with Minamiboso, her sister city in Japan.

Last October, after 26 years as sister cities, a delegation of guests from Minamiboso visited Ferndale. There aren’t many Japanese in our town so when our neighbors and fellow Unificationists, Arnold and Setsuko Evanson, volunteered to help, the mayor and other organizers were delighted. 
The event was great for the Japanese guests, for our local citizens, and for several of our local FFWPU families who helped prepare or attended the event. 
Every two years, Ferndale hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival that highlights Japanese culture. Serious fans of all things Japanese couldn’t wait for two years, so on this off year, the Taka Hashi Celebration was kicked off.  
The event was wonderful. Setsuko Evanson and Akemi Krishnek volunteered to help with preparation and at the celebration.  The turnout was great, with people of all ages coming to experience the best of Japan. 
It’s wonderful to be able to participate in the social life our our hometown, to make a contribution and to develop new friendships. 

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