South Dakota Couple Leave No Town Unvisited

Dennis and Mayuri Hoffman of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, greeted everyone they met during their journey to 430 Blessings with a big smile.

“We think smiling is very important to approach. They can open their heart with our smile,” Mayuri said. Whether they were in a church, going door to door, or meeting people at an event, the Hoffmans poured all their energy into giving a good first impression to everyone they met across their entire home state of South Dakota and beyond.

The Hoffmans have conducted Blessings on both sides of their families, including cousins. Mayuri’s parents joined the church in 1974, two years after she introduced the Divine Principle to them. The Hoffmans also visited the State Capitol of South Dakota and gave the Blessing in every office. The governor of South Dakota and the mayor of Sioux Falls have received the Blessing from them as well as a copy of As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

Dennis and Mayuri believe that this is the most important time in history and that it is time to restore the nation through Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. “True Parents are on the earth now. We have never had this opportunity before, and we won’t have it forever,” Mayuri said.

The Hoffmans did not limit themselves to their own neighborhood, city or even state. “We went to every city in South Dakota, and even parts of Iowa and Nebraska. We visited every church and gave the Blessing to ministers.” Among them, seven ministers attended the three-day Divine Principle workshop. Three of those couples did the three-day ceremony. The Hoffman’s completed their 430 in July of 2002.

Each time they approach a couple about the Blessing, Dennis and Mayuri introduce themselves as part of the One Million Family Blessing Campaign from the Family Federation for World Peace. They hand each couple a copy of the registration form which states the four vows.

When the couple agree to those points, the Hoffmans prepare Holy Wine for all and offer a toast to the family. Next, they offer a prayer and sprinkle Holy Water. Lastly, they introduce the chastening ceremony as a chance to forgive and move on from any emotional or physical abuse of love. They tell the couple: “This is an opportunity to cut from any physical abuse or misuse of love from the past. You may have hurt each other or been hurt by the other. Through this ceremony everything is forgiven.”
In addition, Mayuri said, “We offer origami, a song, and education about the meaning of the Blessing. Many people give us [presents in return:] hand-made pillows, jewelry, blankets. We have unforgettable relationships with each family to whom we gave the Blessing.”

Their experience with Heavenly Tribal Messiahship has given the Hoffmans a deeper desire to love Heavenly Parent, True Parents and people. They have dreams about True Parents that encourage them to love people every day. “Through Tribal Messiahship activity we practiced God’s words in our daily life. Our relationship became deeper and more wonderful,” Dennis said.

The Hoffmans’ main focus, moving forward, is to help other families fulfill their Heavenly Tribal Messiahship goals. They continue to visit churches and ministers’ homes, bringing the Divine Principle and the words of True Parents. Dennis and Mayuri have no plans to stop after reaching the goal of 430 couples. They hope to unite with True Parents’ vision and leave no one unblessed in the spiritual world.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

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