Tribal Messiahs to Hold Home Church Blessing Event

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An African-American Blessed couple, Rev. Elma and Rev. Jeddie King, from FFWPU USA District 5 (Florida), are pioneering their way as Tribal Messiahs and creating the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth through their home church ministry.

This couple made it on the front page of the Osceola News Gazette in an article highlighting an event they will host on June 24 called “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” at the Kings’ Home Church in Kissimmee. This event will feature a Marriage Blessing Rededication Ceremony and education on topics including marriage and the importance of raising a strong family. The event will also feature dinner, a concert, and prizes.

“Marriage is about two people, a couple. Separate, you are just one person,” Rev. Elma King told the Gazette. “We cannot find love all by ourselves.”

Couples in attendance will also be encouraged to share personal stories and testimony of their relationships.

“People often love sharing their stories of when they met, how they met, and how long they have been married,” said Rev. Elma King. “Love is a powerful thing.”

This couple, with a heart of a filial daughter and son to our True Parents, are inheriting the tradition and becoming true parents to their own tribe, which is expanding with 360 homes and 1,337 members, all of whom they have included in their Tribal Messiah Binder and who they pray for daily.

Rev. Elma stated, “We are co-creators. Being Tribal Messiahs allows us to show our own creativity to the God who created us. He didn’t make us cookie cutters. We don’t wait for others to tell us what to do. We have the Word, we need to live it.”

As a tribe, the Kings have made their private home into a public home church where workshops, services, weddings, Blessing Ceremonies, marriages, birthday celebrations, and family meetings are held.

Rev. Elma shared, “A world full of home churches is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is why True Parents visit us so much. It seems as though their presence is with us at times. I am taking the lead, as they told me to do.”

Rev. Elma added, “I want us to be a couple that True Mother brags about when she reports to God. We bring others into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by giving, and giving again; this is Tribal Messiahship.”

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