Teamwork Helped Husband and Wife to Reach HTM Goal

Before the Borneman family even began to go out and give the Marriage Blessing, they started doing conditions. Fasting, bowing, doing Hoon Dok Hwe and reading True Father’s “God’s Hope for America” speech were all part of the foundation they laid to build their tribe.

Ken and Sang Moo Borneman live in Las Vegas. Ken works full time, so it was up to Sang Moo to go out and give the Blessing. “In the beginning the biggest hurdle was overcoming the sense of going out alone,” Sang Moo said. But there was a lot of behind-the-scenes support from her husband. “He supported me by putting gas in my car every day before I went out and also helped me cook for our neighbors once a week.” This support initiated a deeper connection between the two. The couple’s children supported spiritually by offering prayers for her to reach her goal by July 4, 2017.

One hundred days is what it took Ken and Sang Moo Borneman to fulfill their goal of blessing 430 couples. “After hearing True Mother talk on Tribal Messiahship, I realized how important it was. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim [FFWPU continental chair for North America] also asked us to complete 430 by the time of the Madison Square Garden event in July 2017, so I decided to start a 100-day condition to fulfill my responsibility,” said Sang Moo.

Using a Spanish-language witnessing center in Las Vegas, Sang Moo started teaching Korean classes for up to 30 students, five days a week, four hours a day. She teaches the Korean alphabet, basic vocabulary and simple conversational Korean. These classes were how Sang Moo met many students and blessed them. She introduced the Blessing as a way to protect families from negative influences and a chance to unite their family under God.

The Bornemans stayed connected with families they have blessed by inviting them to their home, where they hosted Korean barbecues, gave out True Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, and took the children swimming.

Building relationships with people from various walks of life has changed Sang Moo’s heart. “Now I have the ability to love anybody: young, old, black, white. And now my husband and I are more involved in church activities and with the providence. My children even have had more success in finding spouses and receiving the Blessing.”

Throughout the 100 days of giving the Blessing Sang Moo admits there were very tough moments. “When people reject me, my heart is filled with sorrow that they cannot understand the value of the heavenly Blessing,” she said. However, those hard moments were made up for by the hundreds of couples who were genuinely overjoyed to receive the Blessing. “I photograph them before we part ways. They are so happy to receive the pictures later,” Sang Moo said.

Sang Moo feels that giving the Marriage Blessing has numerous benefits. “Fulfilling your tribal messiahship is the best way to safeguard your marriage, children, and your future generations by being the best ancestor possible,” she said.

Contributed by Katherine Anglin

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