Testimony of Beginning Tribal Messiahship

To begin with, my sincere prayer is that our Heavenly Parent can guide this message in such a way that it will be a help to some of you, my brothers and sisters. The greatest thing my wife, Silvia, and I hope our Heavenly Parent can give to any of you who may not have begun Tribal Messiahship work yet is the feeling of how astoundingly EASY giving the Blessing can be – easy, that is, through the grace of God, the One who created us and sustains our every breath!

What led to this feeling that offering and giving the Blessing is easy? This is an important question; speaking not for my wife but simply for myself, I am still amazed that somehow Heaven moved me from a prior state of feeling utterly paralyzed by thoughts of “I can never do this” to feeling that Tribal Messiahship can be done and that it can be deeply rewarding.

Many people spend the majority of their lives hampered, constrained and undercut by their feelings of fear, and sadly this has been my experience too. I won’t bore you with any of the thousands of examples. But the greatest thing that helped in my beginning Tribal Messiahship work was a kind of slow-dawning epiphany, sometime in 2015 or 2016, that I needed to just be honest with God about my fears and ask Him to remove them. My prayers often were expressed something like the following: “God! Heavenly Parent! OK, I admit it, I’M AFRAID! Please take away this fear and replace it with confidence! Thank You!”

I believe that in the process of my offering many similar prayers since 2016 (and continuing today), our Heavenly Parent was able to begin answering them. Over the months it has felt as if Heaven has been guiding me to find more and more effective ways to meet good people and to offer them the Blessing, and to feel good about doing this. Thank You, dear Heavenly Parent!

As far as the steps of offering the Blessing – it goes without saying that each of us will have somewhat different ways in which we feel most comfortable in giving this wonderful, revolutionary gift. My own method has evolved over time, but with the prayer that this will be useful to any brothers and sisters who read this, I will describe my way of offering the Blessing in recent months, through most of 2018.

I came to understand that for my wife and I to consider a couple as belonging to our tribe, they should meet at least these criteria: 1) They are married, 2) they clearly affirm (or clearly appear to live by) the values of belief in God and of love and fidelity in marriage, 3) they have accepted the Blessing we offer, and 4) they have given us some means of contacting them.

Getting permission to set up a table in front of a store can turn out to be very simple. Pray; ask Heavenly Parent for assistance (ask for the aid of “Blessing permission angels,” if you wish!). CVS drugstores can be very open to a group setting up a little table outside and doing work that promotes strong, healthy, thriving marriages and families. Who doesn’t want to support such beautiful values? Supermarkets often turn out to be quite familiar with non-profit groups asking permission to man a table outside their doors. When I asked permission at Safeway, the man behind the customer service counter simply smiled and pulled out his scheduling calendar, asking, “What days would you like to work here?”

As far as what I set up, it was the simplest of small, foldup tables. Somehow, I did not feel the need to use a banner or any flyers. I simply placed on my little table a cooler with an ice pack and sealed cups of Blessing juice inside, in addition to a pen and a clipboard with a signup sheet on which a married man or woman could write their name and contact information as a way of affirming the ideals of faith in God and love and loyalty in marriage. One time I timed myself from the moment of leaving my car to having everything set up, and was delighted to see that it took well less than three minutes!

What to tell people? Most often, it was something like the following: “Sir (Ma’am, Miss), may I speak with you?”

If the man or woman stops to talk: “My name is ____. I am working for a group called the Family Federation for World Peace. We are asking people if you believe in, and strongly affirm, these two simple but very important values (point to the signup sheet on the clipboard) – faith in God and love and fidelity (loyalty) in marriage.”

If the man or woman does affirm these values, and many do: “Thank you! The Family Federation is hoping, perhaps early next year, to hold a gathering of 10,000 people or more who treasure these values. If you are interested, you can write your name and email address on this paper, and I will try to contact you when I know the date and place for the rally.” Note – of course, you do not necessarily need to invite the person to attend an anticipated rally. You could just as easily invite them to leave contact information so that you can send them some exciting information about building happy marriages and families, or information about the effort to make the world more peaceful and harmonious. Then later on, you could send them a link (or links) to articles such as the familyfed.org article (with wonderful text and photos) on the recent November 12 rally in New York!

If the person does offer his or her contact information (and many are very happy to do so!), and if the person seems sufficiently open to it, and while they are writing on the paper: “Also, if you would allow me, I would like to offer a prayer and a blessing for you and your loved ones (your family).” By God’s grace, many people who already believe in our Heavenly Parent are actually very happy, even delighted, to receive a prayer for their family. Then it is easy to offer a brief, sincere prayer that our Heavenly Parent will bless the person’s family and to offer them the Blessing through the Blessing juice or the Blessing candy. If, as sometimes happens, you may have forgotten to offer to pray for the family, you should in any case offer the Blessing juice or candy and can tell the person something such as, “And I would like to offer you this grape juice (candy) – it is meant to bring a Blessing! And please (if the person’s spouse is not present), take this extra juice (candy) and give this to your spouse, and tell him (her), ‘This brings a Blessing!’” When the person has thanked you and left, you can pray silently, sincerely asking our Heavenly Parent to give to the departing person and their spouse the change-of-lineage Blessing! And don’t forget to thank our Heavenly Parent for another couple you can welcome into your tribe, can pray for, and can contact in the future to help them learn about the heart of our Heavenly Parent and about our True Parents!

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