The Heart of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah

Since February 18, tribal messiahs from all around the world have gathered at the Cheongah Camp in Korea for the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Academy workshop. The workshop has been an opportunity for tribal messiahs to connect beyond the national level, while reminding them about the essence of tribal messiahship: blessing 430 couples is just the beginning, and the work of the tribal messiah does not stop until the entire world is freed from suffering. Click here to read about the first two days of the workshop.

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Day 3 – Pilgrimage and Closing Ceremony

On the third day of the workshop, the tribal messiahs started off by learning how to manage one’s tribe, and how to excel at reading True Parents’ words as a foundation for home church activities. Tribal messiah representatives from different nations each spoke on their experience learning how to do foster tribal messiah activities. Marina and Jhon Acevedo, a very active couple from America, gave their personal testimony about building a tribe in America as opposed to the Philippines, where they previously lived. As they adapted their witnessing to Americans, they realized many things that helped them in their journey. “Treat others the way true Parents treat us as children,” they advised.

Claudette Kambara, another American tribal messiah, spoke about how she deeply appreciated the entire workshop. She has blessed 430 but was wondering how to move forward to the next level as a Tribal Messiah. Through the presentations and networking with the international tribal messiahs, she was given more guidance about how to grow further in her tribal messiahship. She also felt so much love and grace from True Mother in being invited to Cheon Jeong Gung and to the birthday pledge service.

Daniele Cohen was an up-and-coming tribal messiah who shared vulnerably about her determination to become a tribal messiah : to build her relationship with God and break down barriers in her relationship with God. She felt that this motivation is selfish but she also sees no other way to become as close to God as possible. Tribal messiahship, she explained, brings her face to face with what she needs to overcome in herself to truly know God.

Amy Yang, who recently organized the Chinese 4-day at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) echoed Claudette’s gratitude. She was so grateful that her son could be here for the workshop (his name is Takayoshi Miyamoto, gave a testimony at the monthly meeting this month). She mentioned her son as a key part of her experience: “having a successor,” the 1st and 2nd gen working together was a theme that came up: the importance of our families united as the basis/foundation for Tribal Messiahship.

Although these four experiences were completely different, they nonetheless captured the heart of being a Tribal Messiah: finding your way forward step by step, however long it takes; learning from the experiences of others/networking building bonds as a global family; stepping up as an owner of one’s life, faith, relationship with God, community; raising up one’s family to create a tradition of Tribal Messiahship together.

To close the day, the tribal messiahs made their way to the Cheon Jeong Gung. After a short tour, the Unificatoinists offered prayers in the main prayer hall, and each received a special postcard with quotes from True Parents’ teachings on them. “They are all unique, so it was like each card was personalized for us,” said Miyoung Eaton, a second-generation Unificationist. “It was a really nice touch and ending to the program–to visit True Parents’ home and offer prayers for the next stretch of time in our Tribal Messiah activities.”


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