Tribal Messiahship Shoutout: Rev. Elma and Rev. Jeddie King

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Unificationists on the path to become Tribal Messiahs work tirelessly to promote the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony in an effort to create a world of unity under God. To recognize their unbelievable efforts and to show that Tribal Messiahship is a collective journey, we are starting the series, “Tribal Messiahship Shoutout.”  This week’s shoutout goes to Rev. Elma and Rev. Jeddie King from Florida.   

A Blessed couple, Rev. Elma and Rev. Jeddie King, from FFWPU USA District 5 (Florida), embarked on a 40-day condition from March 22nd through April 30th with the support of their pastor, Gary Chidester, to proclaim True Parents as the messiah, and the second coming.

Determined and resourceful, this couple proclaimed the good news via written articles, emails, door-to-door interactions, going around their neighborhoods and shouting out on street corners—even in the mist of rejection—and finding those who would listen. They carried posters with pictures of True Parents boldly reading, “Ask God if… True Parents the Messiah is here!”, “Know this! The Messiah is here”, and even t-shirts that read, “Our True Parents the Bridegroom has come”.

Rev. Elma said, “We are co-creators. Being Tribal Messiahs allows us to show our own creativity to the God who created us. He didn’t make us cookie cutters. We don’t wait for others to tell us what to do. We have the Word, we need to live it.”

Within these 40 days, five articles were written and 704 people were reached either by email, shout-outs, and witnessing on the streets. Not only that, like a true tribe, the Kings have made their private home into a public home church where workshops, services, weddings, Blessing Ceremonies, marriages, birthday celebrations, and family meetings are held.

The Kings creatively create their own flyers, articles, banners, posters, and t-shirts to spread the news to the world and have established 5 websites:

They have also started four ministries: The Light of Truth, Now is the Time, The Kingdom Come, and Walk This Way as a way to proclaim True Parents name to the World. Two of these ministries are broadcasted on the Ray Manning broadcasting internet radio.

They have placed seven advertisements and pictures of True Parents in magazines, including the Gospel News, Gospel USA and Gospel Now making it on the cover a few times. On top of that two magazines from the Gospel News, put True Parents on their cover and published articles on True Father’s September 18, 1976 speech. Despite all their accomplishments, the Kings continue to move forward in order to bring True Mother’s vision come true: 1 million Blessed Americans by 2020. 

Do you want to join the journey of Tribal Messiahship? Join the Blessing Campaign! 

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