TribeNet 2019

TribeNet 2 is coming! 

Jan 13-19, 2019
-Arrive in the morning or early afternoon of the 13th. Latest 6 PM.
-Depart in the evening of the 19th. After 5 PM is best.
If you need to leave on the 16th, plan to leave after 9 PM. 

IPEC in Las Vegas

Tribal Messiahs and those who want to be Tribal Messiahs!!

How Much? 
Read below for details!

How do I Register? 
(Registration will close at midnight, Friday 1/11/19)


TribeNet 2017 was one of the most impact-full events in years, and it’s back by popular demand!
You need to come to the event that launched a groundswell for Tribal Messiahship in America. 

Let’s just take a moment to look at what happened after TribeNet 2017:

  • Tribal Messiah Accomplishers
    • December 2017: 12 Tribal Messiah Accomplishers
    • December 2018: 63 and counting! 
  • Active Tribal Messiahs reporting their work
    • December 2017: 60 reporting in
    • December 2018: 252 and counting!
  • Clarity on Tribal Messiahship 
    • December 2017: Virtually no curated resources for Tribal Messiahs
    • December 2018: Full resource library on and testimony from
      dozens of accomplishers!
  • Energy around Tribal Messiah work in America
    • December 2017: 40 people discussing on a weekly Zoom call
    • December 2018: 200 or more participants viewing every Tuesday TribeNet call!
  • Number of American reported as Blessed
    • December 2017: 2,653 reported to National Evangelism Team
    • December 2018: 47,789 American Reported as Blessed!!!! Astonishing!

Even the Tribal Messiah communication network has grown by leaps and bounds!
MyTribe has almost 200 subscribers, TribeNet has over 700 participants, and the TribeNet Facebook
page has over 1,200 followers!!! The American Tribal Messiahs have been working so hard! We want to
honor you and give you some love!

If you missed last year’s event – you don’t want to miss this one! 

So what’s happening at TribeNet this time around?

It’s going to be even better this time! 

  • Testimonies from Tribal Messiahs on “how they did it!”
  • Resource sharing… we’ve got some amazing things that you haven’t seen yet!
  • Best practices – you’ve got them we’ll help you share them!
  • Inheritance from International Tribal Messiahs! 
  • Napkin Lecture Training….. that’s right…. LECTURE TRAINING!
    • This is something so many of you have been asking for… it’s happening!

Here’s a brief view of the agenda… some things are still being determined. 

The details about each session are still being worked out, and don’t forget… this is also going
to be FUN!!! Every day we’ll be having fun 🙂

So… Pricing: 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Actual value of the event (per person): $1,015 

  • Your price (per person): $500

That’s right! HSA is covering over half of the cost! Thank you True Parents!!!

But there’s more!

  • Family Discount: 
    • 20% off for two or more family members!
  • MyTribe Subscriber Discount! 
    • 50% off for MyTribe Subscribers and their families! 
      If you can’t stay all 7 days and need to leave after the Main event on the 16th, you’ll save 25%.
      Don’t know about MyTribe? Click here for more info

Are you ready now? 

(Registration will close at midnight, Friday 1/11/19)

Email if you have any questions.