The Tribal Messiah Gathering

Dr. Kim is personally inviting you and your family to an exclusive event for Tribal Messiahs at the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas. We will spend time together sharing testimony and best practices; taking a pilgrimage in the footsteps of True Parents to their favorite sites; and enjoying some of the wonderful family entertainment of Las Vegas.

All of the event expenses will be covered for the first 50 registrants.

Basic Info:

  • Official Schedule:
    Friday, Dec. 15 – Monday Dec. 18.

    Program will start in the afternoon/evening of Friday the 15th, and end with lunch on Monday.
  • Extended Schedule
    Optional two extra nights accommodation for couples who wish to enjoy private family time in Las Vegas.

    You are responsible for your own food after lunch on Monday.
  • Where
    IPEC in Las Vegas
  • For Whom
    All Tribal Messiahs who have already completed Blessing 430 couples as well as those who are on their way to achieving the same goal. Any other Tribal Messiahs who would like to learn from these examples are welcome to attend. Space is limited. Registration closes November 15!
  • How Much
    Free for the first 50 registrants! The event fees are covered by HQ. This includes, registration, entertainment, food and lodging. All you need to pay for is your transportation!

Super basic (might change) Schedule


Arrivals, Dinner, Testimonies.


Pilgrimage of True Parents favorite sites, Testimony, Discussion around Best Practices, Evening Entertainment


Morning Service, Fun Activities, Testimony as a Family, Evening Entertainment


Sharing, Departures after lunch

This is for your family

We know it can be hard to witness, but Tribal Messiahship is about doing it with your couple, and doing it with your family. That's why we intend to make this experience for you and your family to enjoy. Some of the details will be adjusted depending on number and age of overall participants.

Yes, your children are welcome

Again, we haven't yet ironed out all the details, but family means family, and we are doing our best to prepare a family experience. Plans will depend on participation of course, but you should sign up asap to let us know who is coming!