True Parents' Words

Excerpts from the Cheon Seong Gyeong

NB: These quotes do not represent True Father’s complete explanation of Tribal Messiahship, they simply serve to inspire and lead us to inquire further. Referenced from Book 9 of Cheon Seong Gyeong:

“The Blessing you received by meeting the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind should not remain only in your family. You are the ones who can display your pride in the Blessing in front of the seven billion people on the earth. Please remember that with every blessing comes responsibility.

Completely unite and move forward toward a single goal. Don’t look sideways. This is how blessing can come to you. In the spirit world, you breathe love as your air. Witnessing is about the love you sow.”

CSG 1364 True Mother

Until now, you may have thought that Home Church is just an institution of the Unification Church, but that is not so. Home Church in the Unification Church is your personal heavenly kingdom. It is your kingdom, not anyone else’s, but yours. After Jesus gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven, where did he go? He went the way of the cross. The keys to the kingdom of heaven are the Home Church movement. In other words we must establish tribes, and it is our mission through Home Church to present a model of the tribal system. Jesus said, “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matt. 18:18) If we don’t bind Home Church—if we don’t make it happen—we cannot go to the kingdom of heaven.
p. 913

I now have given you the name of messiah. Each of you is a tribal messiah. What should you do as a tribal messiah? I have prepared everything that you may need in order to become a national messiah, world messiah and cosmic messiah. I have prepared a mountain of treasures for you. You will inherit them once you become a messiah. They will pass down to you as water flows through a pipe. If you are unable to inherit these things, your descendants will accuse you.
p. 947

Witnessing is the activity of leading people to leave Satan’s world behind and follow the path to Heaven with a smile…

You have to work with the confidence that success will come through your activities carried out with energy. Please realize that you are the sons and daughters of the True Parents who can gather up the entire world of their victory and claim, on their behalf, ownership over all that for which they have paid the price. This is the national restoration that tribal messiahs need to fulfill, and once you gather the entire world you will offer it to True Parents.
p. 961

Love your brothers and sisters in the church as you love God. Your path to heaven beings there. You love and follow me, yet I tell you, you should strive to love and help you brothers and sisters and work alongside them with the same heart. Those who can teach you the quickest and best way to go to heaven are neither God nor I, but your brothers and sisters. If you strive to love them with a love greater than their love for their parents or spouse, you will be chosen as a supreme subject partner of love.
p. 1200

We have plenty of content by which to grow. We are also fully equipped with the favorable conditions and environment that have been given to us in this age. Then why are we unable to grow? It is because we are not adding anything to the people of this age or to the environment they are living in. Simply put, we are not benefiting them in any way. Although we are unable to benefit others materially, if we can make people feel deeply that they can benefit from us spiritually or mentally, then they are bound to come to church even if told not to come.
p. 1014